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 Here is some more from Ariel Pink.  I have to admit when I act a fool on here and let you know that I thought this was a newer act.  However some thorough research from the crack staff here at exact change found out that he may be partially responsible in influencing all the lo-fi, bliss music I've grown to love in the past year (Neon Indian, washed out, Beach House, etc.).  This is a random ass mixtape Ariel put together for FACT from Gorilla vs. Bear & yours truly:

 Temple of the Dog
 From Pitchfork we get this gem.  While i'm not sold on this new Band of Horses album, the guys voice is unmistakable and Eddie and Co. brought him on stage to sing Hunger Strike from Temple of the Dog the other night, check it out:


Stream the new Ratatat album via npr/PMA:
Stream Ratatat - LP4

Javelin, my latest favorite sample surgeons, have remixed a track off of the new HEALTH album from PMA:

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