I LOL @ Hipsters

Now I have been accused of being a closet hipster (check out that link, you won't be disappointed), but I believe it is my duty as an American to defend my honor.  First things first, i can't fit into skinny jeans and wouldn't want to wear them if I could fit into them.  Secondly, I have no affinity towards throwback 80's clothes or or retarded facial hair.  Where I do fall down is my love for a certain award winning beer and my genuine interest in all of these indie/hipster bands that pop up via the internet.  One of my favorite site that pokes fun at these hipsters is Hipster Runoff (recently in Time Magazine) and here is a hilarious/current event relevant article on how forced buzzbands and hipster talk is ruining "Mother Indie".  You can't make this stuff up...

The latest catch phrase for a buzz genre out right now is "Chillwave".  Just saying it gives me the jimmy legs, but what am I supposed to do when I enjoy the music so much.  This genre includes artists such as Neon Indian, Washed Out, Toro y Moi, and most recently Teen Daze has been getting attention from the blogosphere.  Check the tags for some previous things I have written about this guy and here are two more gems, I am the musical gift that keeps on giving:

Teen Daze - Savior & New Theory (Washed Out cover) via Pitchfork
Teen Daze - Savior (as part of a mixtape with Ariel Pink & Others) via ISO50

Last but not least, here is an Adult Swim single from Washed Out (free download here)
Washed Out (feat. Caroline Polachek) - You and I (Pitchfork Article) & here is a video (via G vs B)

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