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http://twitter.com/#!/yvynylI fortunately missed the week of rain we just had by escaping to Scottsdale, AZ for the week.  Went out there for work and thought that would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on music posts after work.  But Tecate and Old Town Scottsdale thought otherwise.  Such is life.  So now I've got about a months worth of links that I'm whittling through and sorting into topics to talk about.  This first post is just cause I finally feel like the season has changed and nice weather is here to stay.  


And we'll start this post off with some beach sounds and 80's nostalgia.

This gem right here, in all its swayze-esque glory, is from Okay Colour called Sounds of Summer.  
Very fitting start to the post.  (via Rose Quartz)
I mentioned a couple of posts ago how much I've been enjoying the findings of Mark over at yvynyl.  I'm telling you, he finds some pop awesomeness from all over the map and here is some examples of what I've loved from there over the past month.

Slowdance - Sweetness

Generationals - Ten Twenty Ten

(Can't give him full credit for this one, RCRD LBL sent me the track beforehand but he does dig up the choice video to his credit.  Kudos.)

What's that you say folk music and electronica have no business being in the same room as each other???
  Cram it with walnuts cause here are two awesome examples of how it they make sweet sweet music babies:

First one I found on "I Guess I'm Floating", which is a relatively new site to me at least.  But from what I've read so far, he will be staying in the RSS feed.  Great way to mix samples with slide guitar.  The band is called Bantum and if you like it check out their bandcamp page:

This other folk electronica artist is much more well known and has been praised by the blogosphere.  Bibio does a good job of blending genres and here is a video for a track of his latest album Mind Bokeh:

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