Information Overload

This should keep you bastards busy for a little.  Bunch of new stuff I was tuned onto the past couple days.  So when you read this, imagine me with my nerd glasses on perusing the interwebs over my lunch break for new stuff to talk about.  Cause that's exactly how it goes down:
Kele from Bloc Party is releasing his own solo album and PMA has some of his tracks via soundcloud available.  Very electro/dancable.  Much different from anything he did with Bloc Party
Kele - "Rise" & "Walk Tall"

Adult Swim in a Box (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 2 / Space Ghost Season 3 / Moral Oral Season 1 / Robot Chicken Season 2 / Metalocalypse Season 1 / Sealab Season 2)
Adult Swim to release singles weekly with efforts from Madvillian, Washed Out, Black Lips & More.  Could not be more jazzed about this.  The dangerdoom collabo and the remix album were rad and I am loving the line up they've assembled.  Also will release the Holy Ghost remix of LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" (via Pitchfork)
Adult Swim Singles

Tell It to the Volcano
Sunny tune that was produced by Neon Indian by Miniature Tigers.  Perhaps too poppy?  You be the judge.
(via (PMA)
Minature Tigers - Gold Skull 

Infinite Arms 
Pretty Much Amazing's review of the new Band of Horses album.  Lead singer has an unmistakable voice and I am a huge fan of their sound.  Of the Avett Brothers mold.
(via PMA)

Jamie XX of xx put together a sweet mixtape for a fashion show that you can download here:
(via PMA)

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