Mad Decent for a Monday

As you may or may not know, DJ Sega and select others have been spinning at Fluid Monday nights for the better part of 2 months under the title "Mad Decent Mondays".  We, and by we I mean myself, here at exact CHANGE are big fans of majority of the stuff that comes off this label and will try and bring you a smattering of new stuff once a week from their site.  Below is our first, perhaps failed, attempt:

1. Diplo vs. Tiesto "C'mon"
2. Free Download of High Contrast remix of MIA's "Born Free"
3. New Rusko "O.M.G." album out now !


  1. B,
    I just listened to the new Black Keys (courtesy of your group). Is this not the best CD so far in 2010??

  2. That Brothers album is out of this world. It's miles ahead of Attack and Release, and I'd put it on par with Magic Potion. Thanks for reading Vesey.