Wish I Was a Fly On The Wall...

I know you all have missed me dearly, I can tell by all the comments asking about my return and #iheartexactchange taking #lostfinale off the top of the trend list.  You guys are just too good to me.  Seriously, give me some feedback people.  Enough bitching, on to the day's events:
 How I Got Over
Go ahead and read the names of people who are collaborating on the new Roots LP, How I Got Over, and tell me you aren't saying to yourself "WTF! When did these guys even meet, let alone share enough interests to work together."  But that is what the roots have been doing for years and have always been ahead of the curve.  Love it and love them.  Here is a link from Pitchfork to check out the remake of the Monsters of Folk jam "My God" with all of the Folk Monsters on board.  Last week, Questlove tweeted about working with Dirty Projectors, but i thought it was a side project.  I've been wrong once before, never again.

The Roots and Monsters of Folk - My God 2.0

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