Everybody Dancing Now

I like the C and C music company...

 Here are some awesome things happening in the indieverse:
Cut Copy just released their new album, its the tits.  Sounds from all over the place.  Give it a listen on their free stream here!

I thought this was pretty cool.  Datarock is coming out with new music, an EP and a LP to be exact.  Here's the cool thing, they are packing those two awesome things with all their other albums (including remix albums and b-sides), and a plethora (thanks word of the day calendar!) of pics all on a custom USB toy.  
I'm impressed with the marketing idea.  Here is a free track off their new EP called Catcher in the Rye. [via SKOA]

Toro y Moi is all I've been reading about for the past week.  It's unbelievable.  You'd think that ol' Chazzy is the second coming.  I can't blog everyday because i have a regular job that requires my actual attention, but there was no fucking way possible to keep up with his 'buzziness'.  Here's a recap of everything I've compiled from their upcoming album "Underneath the Pine" over the last few days:

Middle of December - He drops "Still Sound" on us for free[via Stereogum]

Got a video to go along with it [via We All Want Someone To Shout For]:

Then here at the end of January, we got the second single.  Which I have "borrowed" (for the good of the people!) [via GvB]:

Then we got a fake video, and subsequently the official video for this bad boy:

Lastly, he gave the album to Urban Outfitters (you read that right) to stream away.  Go nuts.  I was a huge fan of Causers of This and I'm already feeling this album.  It comes out Feb 22nd.  Go away winter...

Here are some other equally awesome gems:
Tobacco remixes the Go Team!, makes em better...

Javelin remixes this band I've not yet gotten into 'The Holidays', I have to assume this is also better.  I do that, make things work for my benefit. 

The Hood Internet remixed Arcade Fire and Blondie.  Works perfect.

RCRD LBL is the best thing for catching new music for free that I am aware of.  If you know of something else, I'd like to hear it.  Here is Holy Ghost's new joint, which is rad/free...

I managed to make it to Making Time last week to see Le Femme and Small Black.  I hadn't heard of Le Femme other than Dave P telling me they've got "futuristic sounds".  What else is new?  I did know Small Black though.  They are a electronic outfit that apparently is/was Washed Out's backing band.  Anywho, Phrequency shares some sweet photos of the show (I'm in there somewhere and I look extremely composed and sober) and posted their latest video which is from Stereogum:

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