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I know how much graffiti artists hate dollhouses.
I can certainly appreciate these new acts that are firmly rooted in their efforts to bring back simple and stupendous rock tunes.  Last year it was Free Energy for me, and thanks to yvynyl I may have a new artist to check out - Bare Wires (myspace)

Track 2 Ready To Go by Robot Elephant Records

I saw this character Bosco Delrey at the Mad Decent Block Party last year and saw what kind of stage presence he's got.  Look out for this dude this year.  Here is the original and remix of a song off of his upcoming EP release 'Evil Lives/Wild One'

Bosco Delrey-Evil Lives by maddecent

giving off weird alt cat/relationship vibes since 2k10 (via Hipster Runoff)
Another type of revival music is the 50's & early 60's rock pop that is coming out in surf rock, garage rock, Grease-era stuff, etc.  Went to see the Philly Stop of the Best Coast/Wavves tour last night at Starlight Ballroom.  Pretty good schtick having the alt/indie power couple of the day tour together.  I thought the opener No Joy had real promise and I thought Wavves was the big winner.  He played a new track that I thought was tits, and Idiot and Green Eyes sound kick ass live.  I tried to get into Best Coast, but she lost me three songs in when she basically just hummed a melody on loop the entire song.  I can enjoy her on occasion, but live is not that occasion.  I'd throw up a video of her band making their debut on Letterman last night, but every other effing blog beat me to it.  I think I had a bias going in though after reading this article on Make Major Moves, he was totally right though.

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