First Eagle 106, then 103.9 WDRE, now this?

Truly unbelievable!  Next you're going to try and tell me that we landed on the moon? ...What's that you say?

The last grasp at life has been yanked away from the boys over at Y-Rock on XPN and with it also ends any semblance of a fresh take on rock music on terrestrial radio.  What's that mean to you my glorious readers?  Nothing, because you have discovered the internet and realized that you now have access to more music than you could ever listen to at your fingertips at all times.  So to other than anyone over 40+ that loved Marcy Playground, Collective Soul and 4 Non Blondes and cannot operate a computer, this news changes your life in absolutely no way.  

But I digress, because I will shed a bit of a tear.  Indie today is what alternative was in the 90's, difference is where people get their music.  It's indie because these bands can't make enough money with the current music business model that they are signed by smaller labels.  I loved Y100 for its awesome Sonic Sessions and YFest's.  And more than that I appreciate all that I got from those channels when that was my only source for music.  You can still catch their show online (here in the wild & crazy future!...)
Here's Michael Klein's article on it, and Papa John gets fantasy points for sending me the link.

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  1. dude, if youre hankering for some eagle106, I could bootleg you some tapes I made back in 1992. Complete with me requesting "hazy shade of winter..."