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Gonna flip the switch on y'all and write about a collection of links, music, and other goodness from the world of hip-hop.  Cause I'm as hood as it gets, Yo!  Hip-hop was cool when wearing backwards baseball jerseys was where it was at.  Am I right people?  

Let's start with the funny.  Cause that's really what I'm about, the funny:

I enjoy a good fail, and apparently so does complex, because they posted the 50 biggest hip-hop fails of all time.  A little aside, I love that "FAIL" has become a noun.  Feels right, don't it?  Highlights for this guy are: the Game getting the ax on 'Change of Heart', Lupe Fiasco not remembering the lyrics to a Tribe song at VH1's hip hop honors (srsly??!?), Brian Austin Green (of 90210 notoriety) working with the Pharcyde, Vanilla Ice's blockbuster 'Cool As Ice', Jay-Z's mom making him apologize to Nas and Lil Kim's plastic surgery debacle.  Here's the article: 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
Big Boi is twittering and bopping around the internets as much as anyone these days promoting his solo album "Sir Lucious Left Foot - The Son of Chico Dusty".  Does he want me not to tell people about this thing?  I mean I only have 140 characters to post on something and that title is just obnoxious.  Anywho, every track I have heard I have loved, and we talked previously about the track that Andre 3k shows up on, which is the bees knees.  Listen to the entire album on his myspace page and here is a track for free and one to listen to while you read.  Please read more, my family is hungry...

So last week, the "Brian Wilson's Smile" of hip-hop (sorry Pitchfork already used the Chinese Democracy joke) got its first leak.  Dr. Dre's collaboration with Jay-Z was posted on Nah Right, fully accompanied by the tag department.  Track is called "Under Pressure" and its good even without a hook.  Stoked to hear more.  Funniest part of it all is how hood the dude over at Nah Right got on Twitter after people were busting his stones about taggin the song and Dre coming out and saying the song wasn't done.  Sorry bro, you have a blog, there is nothing about you that scares anyone.  Its science.  Regardless, they do awesome things and find great music, so I can't knock em.  Enjoy. (Originally found by me on Pitchfork)

Last on the new album from well known Artist front, is Round 2 of The Roots and John Legend. John (we are on a first name basis) popped up on a couple of tracks on "How I Got Over" and also played with the gang during the Roots Picnic.  Apparently it is going well because they are in the studios now ready to put out an album in Sept of "60's and 70's soul".  Check out more over at okayplayer and here is a video of one of the new tracks.

Read on for more sweetness about other Roots' aquaintences and a couple of awesome (yet completely unrelated) free tracks I found:

Let us praise Uristocrat!  They're a Philly based music/fashion/event blog that is always on point.  Make sure you stop by there and check out the whole site, cause I keep its just music here but there they do SO much more and have a sick show coming up on July 15th at TLA.  Big fan of what they dig up over there and here are some of the latest:

Mixologists presents DJ Phaze's "Jill Scott Jawn Vol. 2"
DJ-Phazes-Jill-Scott-Jawn-Vol-2 by uristocrat

Drake x Cookin' Soul x Don Cannon - Thank Us Later mixtape
(Not going to lie, not on the Drake bandwagon, but I dig the sound on this more than the album)

Drake x Cookin’ Soul x Don Cannon – Thank Us Later (Mixtape) by Hypetrak

KiD CuDi - Rev of Ev (apparently first single off new album)
KiD CuDi - REVOFEV (Produced by Plain Pat) by Hypetrak

Rick Ross’ “Super High” featuring Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa
Rick Ross-Super High (rmx) (Feat Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y) by uristocrat

The Hood Internet - Oh My Kids (Usher x Sleigh Bells) by hoodinternet

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