Neon Indian is making moves

Psychic Chasms
 Alan Palomo and Co. are doing everything in their power to be the kings of this "chillwave" throwback 80's movement.  This includes some of the following:

They released their first album on Lefse, but it was reported that Neon Indian signed with Fader Label.  Check out the stories here:  (via Pitchfork/Billboard)

In other Neon Indian news, you like that segue? You can't teach that.  Neon Indian's single that was released on Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound, Sleep Paralysist, now has a music video which is the band's first.  I have to say that this is probably the most polished of all of Alan's tracks and I believe it, in part, is because he worked with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.  Great lyrics and a well written song.  Check out the video below and download the track for free here (thanks PMA):

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