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In RainbowsRadiohead remixes their own "15 Step" with a great Dave Brubek song "Take Five" and indieshuffle tossed in a bonus remix of Pyramid Song.  I'll take it!
Link: Radiohead Remixes
(P.S.: Note that Tame Impala is featured content, get on that.)

Fabriclive.29Cut Copy interviewed with Pitchfork about their new album, which comes out in January and how its bittersweet to be invited to tour with Lady Gaga.  Pros: Tour with stadiums of hot chicks and notoriety, Cons: all that is/associated with that media vacuum/attention whore.

Future BreedsI miss Hot Hot Heat.  I can distinctly remember taking the train back and forth to D.C. and bumping "Make Up the Breakdown" on every trip.  Check out Pitchfork's review of the new album.  I love it, and I'm happy they are back in my rotation.
Pitchfork Review

Let the summer music wash over you.  This hazy, 60's AM, upbeat sound continues to completely dominate my playlist.

200 Million ThousandWhen I'm With YouMemoryhouse
Less hazy and more garage-y (?), digging this new Black Lips track from the Adult Swim weekly giveaway

Best Coast Pre Order new album "Crazy For You": Via Mexican Summer

Found this guy via twitter and I can't resist music that builds up like this, give it a whirl:
Dreaming of Ocean by SECRET HIDEOUT

Memoryhouse - The Years free EP (review link via TLOBF/DL link via arcade sound ltd)

Bonnaroo has just closed up and before the weekend started, RCRD LBL put up a playlist of a group of the artists that are performing.  Totally worth a listen:

Last but not least, well everything up to now has been gold so maybe least.  Another crazy video from OK Go.  I feel like these guys spend more time figuring out their music videos then they spend on the actual music.  Either way, they've got a niche and people love the videos, check it out after the jump(via Vulture):

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