Who's Coming With Me?


Exact Change is teaming up with Actual Records to throw a cassette tape and CD release party at Medusa Lounge on 21st between Market & Chestnut.  Spinning all night will be DJ Sega and DJ Ruxbin and leading off will be a set by Shane SixTenDJ Sega will have his live set from 5/1/2010 available on cassette and will also have the first run of a sick mix CD called "Back for the Last Time" for your listening pleasure.  This is just the beginning of the fantastic goodies that will be available, and as I know about what else we have in store for you I will let you know.  We here in the IHEC laboratory are cooking up a best of twentyten mixtape and plan to have that for you as well.

Top 5 Reasons you should be there:
  1. Its over a month away, so I know none of you plan that far in advance.
  2. It's on a thirsty thursday and they are coming back in a big way.
  3. These guys rock and you should know about em.
  4. Probably the most important, is to support up and coming local music. 
  5. You can't ask for a better time than hanging out with this guy and company, this I can guarantee.  Try to find one, I dare you.

Here are some samples from their soundcloud pages.  Get yrself some ear candy:

Get Naked (It's Gettin Hot!!!!!) - Lil Jon and DJ Sega by DJSega
Bloodlines - DJ Sega by DJSega

Chemical Flowers Re-edit by DJ Ruxbin and Shane Sixten by dj Ruxbin

GeTTeM' (DJ Ruxbin Thick Dutch Remix) by DJ SixTen

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