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Snarf drives a dodge neon?
So per usual I slacked on doing daily posts and now have a boat load of information to talk about.  Don't judge me, I don't get paid for this.  Ingrates, all of you!  Here is new music from across the interwebs, none of which has anything to do with each other.  Just enjoy:
Janelle Monae posted a remix with Lupe & B.o.B of her first single "Tightrope"off the new album, and here it is along with 2 other tracks for your listening pleasure (via Pitchfork):

Keeping with the R&B for a second, here is the latest track that Prince has graced us with.  He's trying his hand at some summer tune, and in my opinion which I'm sure he values, falls way short of classic Prince.  You be the jugdge (via Stereogum):

Gorilla Manor
Mentioned before on exact change, Local Natives are garnering quite a reputation and Famous Sounding Words have posted a song for your download for free.  They rock! (via FSW/Pitchfork):
Local Natives - Careful

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Big Boi is ready to put out his latest solo album, hopefully with Andre 3000 on some tracks.  Here is a track that may get left on the cutting room floor if Jive Records has anything to say about it (via 2dopeboyz):

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