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Some random things I ran across today that I think are pretty sweet.  Have a backlog of links, new songs, etc that I'm gonna get out later this week as well.  Let's do the damned thing:

Black Keys played SNL over the weekend and were impressive.  Dan looks creepy without a beard.  Everyone will be even more so all over them this year, and this cements it.  Enjoy both (via SKOA):


Perusing We All Want Someone to Shout For's posts I stumbled on this gem.  Lykke Li released another track from her upcoming album, it's called "I Follow River" and it doesn't grab my attention like "Get Some" did.  But what the fuck do I know about pop music, and this gal is gonna be stupid famous before the year's out:

Lykee Li - I Follow Rivers by weallwantsome1

You say you like the Cold War Kids and would like to hear some new music by them.  Sure why not?  That's what we do here.  Head over to Some Kind of Awesome to hear the track Bulldozer:

SKOA:  Cold War Kids - Bulldozer

Aliens getting stoned & puking cats are always what I relate to summer??? Goofballs...
I'm admittedly not a vinyl guy.  I put to much time into looking for music to spend a retarded amount of more time digging through crates and crates of unorganized albums just to find a gem that one person may be impressed with. My hats off to the people who do, but there are so many hours in the day and I have been known to lose focus and party.  You win, I lose.  Sorry for the diatribe, but everyone is now release split 7" for singles and Best Coast and Wavves have jumped on board (link has tour dates too).  This fantastic site Banana's Music Club that posts a new song every friday graces the Wavves track "Stained Glass (Why Won't You Let Me in Yr Heart)" which is psych as shit and I'm digging it.

And now for the coup de gras:

?uestlove, who wins the award for vinyl hunting I'm sure and would probably smack  anyone who discouraged it as I have above, is compiling the first ever box set of Fela Kuti albums.  Afrobeat is for some and not for others, but I just can't help being fanatical about anything with horns.  This stuff is going to be the jam, as its handpicked by a man who does nothing but eat/sleep/hunt down great music.  Here is the link from Altered Zones, and the box set will be released on Knitting Factory Records.

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