Latest of my endeavors of the numerous artists that record at the Daytrotter barns.  Best thing ever for listening to new bands, free 128k recordings given out daily of bands you love and bands you've never heard of.  


MGMT - Not just for kids anymore

A new track and some from Congratulations which I have grown ever so fond of in the past year.  Everyone wanted them to be what Yeasayer is now, but they are still writing great songs, just not the dance rock the masses want. Dig it.
MGMT - Daytrotter Session

What is he getting ready to say??!  Oh the anticipation...

I have an aversion to excellent/well constructed electronic music and Baths is where the heart is right now.  Most of these tracks can only be heard live, so go get em!
Baths - Daytrotter Session

Need to work on that stache bro. Chyeaa!

Lastly, I give you current Philadelphia resident RJD2's mix made at the Daytrotter studios.  They've been seriously expanding their horizons, having rappers, electronic artists, etc with radtastic results.  My buddy also let me know that RJD2 just gave a lecture on making multi-layered tracks at Drexel. Random late info, but awesome nonetheless.  DL this nowish:
RJD2 - Daytrotter Session

Not enough for ya?  Here's some more free remixes of "The Glow" by RJD2 from his website:

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