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Felt like sharing again so I turned on the ol' internets.  So this will probably be like the the first two weeks of the year at any gym across the country, and I will get bored or find something else to occupy my time again. But I discovered how to properly use Google Reader and RSS feeds in general and it is making perusing a stupid amount of music blogs, sites, etc. much more digestible.  So let's see what I found, shall we?  Let's start with some hip hop:

Will Dre's new album be any good this year?  Do you even give a fuck at this point?  I remember seeing how depressed/in denial about its suckiness everyone was when Chinese Democracy came out, and this could do the same thing for Dre.    Here are two tracks I found on Pretty Much Amazing, and no one is even sure if they'll be on the album.  Stop releasing music that may or may not be on an album you've been hyping since Napster was relevant.  As much as I talk shit, I like both of these tracks.
Eminem featuring Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Cashis, Stat Quo - Syllables by Hypetrak

INSTANT UPDATE:  My buddy Montone informed me that this Eminem track was left of the last album, but should be on whatever he puts out next.  Thanks buddy.

Dr. Dre featuring Eminem, Nas - Topless by Hypetrak

Also on PMA, I ran across a post that says that Jay-Z and Kanye are putting out an album together called "Watch the Throne" in the very near future.  There's no way it'll be bad, but jury's out if it'll be as good as everyone will say it is.  I'm still looking for the half hour of my life back from watching the Runaway video.  Good album, mind numbingly boring video.

I saw/heard this today and instantly I had to share it.  Stones Throw put out a new podcast today (go get it/subscribe - it's free) and of course there is a stupendous classic Madvillian track.  Thanks to Chris over at GorillavsBear, he was boss enough to break it out for everyone's delight.

I'm going to try and keep these shorter this time around so lastly on the new album front, Talib Kweli has put the full court twitter press on for his new solo album.  Here is a free track from RCRD LBL:

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