I want some sort of an endless summer

As swell as all this snow/sleet is and how awesome it makes getting around the city, I cannot effing wait to enjoy loud music in the summer.  Nothing better.  These songs have helped me get by:

Jillionaire got hit up by Malibu Rum and put out a sweet mixtape & gave out a free track, thanks Mad DecentGET READY TO BOOM

How do you not trust the man who wears that suit?  Catchy latin music with a sick hook,  check out Coati Mundi - No More Blues

Found this El Guincho-esque gem on yvynyl about kids I think?  Maybe it's Chile's answer to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"...I could give two craps if I could translate a single word they were singing about.  The riff is stupendous:

Denver - Los Adolescences

Lastly, I found this hazy dream fest over on Altered Zones, Pitchfork's attempt to tap into some of the best music blogs from around the world.  Band's name is Troppical Paradise, nuff said:

Troppical Paradise - Sunshine Daze (New Side of Love)

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