Remix Fire

A slew of remixes for your ear balls:

DJ Sega has been working his ass off round the clock in order to bring you this goodness.  Mad Decent had a nice write up about him today and so did Actual Records.  Check him, Ruxbin, SixTen & Co. at their monthly at the Dive.  Here are some of his latest:

Sick remix of Kanye's 'Runaway', which also shows up on the Sixer Series below

Sega's first undertaking in dubstep. Womp womp!

Just look at the tracklist.  Nuff said...
DJ Sega Sixer Series Vol. I by DJSega

1.) riot music - (donaeo + skream x dj sega remix) 
2.) mia to atl to phl - (pryda x dj sega remix)
3.) music sounds better with you - (stardust x dj sega remix)
4.) why don't you love me - (beyonce x dj sega remix)
5.) runaway - (kanye west x dj sega remix)
6.) u don't like me - (diplo + lil jon x dj sega remix)
*(free sample bottle of the first track on the next 6-pack!!!!)
7.) rock dem hornz sega - (dj sega)

Got this remix and the first thing that came to mind was Dilla's "Donuts", this stuff is amazing.  UPDATE - And was giving it away for free, seems to have been taken down.  The EP is Rogue Cho Pa and the artist is called 
Star Slinger:

  Rogue Cho Pa EP by Star Slinger

Speaking of Dilla, here is some posthumous awesomeness from him and Madlib.  Found it on both 2dopeboyz and Pitchfork for the soundcloud:

Jaylib - Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme) by stonesthrow

Here are some other delectables for you as well:

Diplo spent a year gathering the stems for this remix, but it was worth it.  His take on Sleigh Bells "Tell Em" available for free download via Mad Decent

Lastly here is a free download of Duck Sauce's remix of "Hot Mess" by Chromeo from Stereogum which they got from Green Label Sound.  And here is the humorous video:

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