Perhaps a bit much?

So....not sure where to start with this.

Thanks to Audio Perv for the video

Ariel Pink & Co had their network TV debut on Jimmy Fallon last night (in the battle with Conan for the quest to be more indie)and despite his recent shitty performances, this wasn't horrible.  But it wasn't "Oh man, I'm gonna blow up now that I'm on NBC" good.  I could barely get through that last sentence without laughing, NBC stinks on ice.  Maybe its that they look like a sequence version of The Turtles or the fact that their bassist looks like a real live black haired version of Janice the muppet from the Electric Mayhem band or that Ariel Pink stole my Nana's glasses and looked bored as hell.

I heard they didn't even write they're own songs.

Oh shit.  Thats a guy. Sorry Tim...

Regardless, that song is still amazing and the CD is great but this live act thing is a train wreck in my opinion.  Thanks to Phrequency & Gab Bonghi for putting this on my radar.  Get it together Pink! 

(I wanna make a Dazed & Confused reference, but I'll hold off)

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