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Quick recap of a concert I went to on Friday at Voyuer "Making Time".  Always love these parties and was pissed I missed Neon Indian earlier this year.  Holy Ghost! opened up and I was interested to see them play as a band, as I was only familiar with their remix work of Phoenix and the like.  They did not disappoint and kept the crowd riled up for the main act.  The Rapture killed it, per usual, and it was a sweaty sweaty dance fest that had more cowbell involved than I know what to do with.  You could have rung out my shirt when I left there.  Caught up with some good friends, saw some awesome music, and cut a rug.  All in all a bueno Friday night.  Check out phrequency's review/photos of the show for a pro's take.  It's amateur hour here at the exact change offices.

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