5 Radtastic Videos

Seeing as how there is a rediculous flood happening outside right now, what better way to waste time then to watch music videos.  Enjoy that while I kayak down 95 back to the city!

Flying Lotus, who kicks the asses of all blips and noises that get in his way, has released the first video for MmmHmm off his new Cosmogramma album. (via okayplayer)

The brains behind the beats/production from TV on the Radio Dave Sitek has a solo album under the name Maximum Balloon coming out in late August with guest spots galore (see pitchfork stuffs).  Here is a video for the first single off that album.

The Music Slut (why couldn't I come up with a clever blog name like that?) threw up a video of We Are Scientists who performed live for NME.  So jealous of that site name. Srsly.

Another of my enjoyments du jour is Maps & Atlases, who are coming to Philly on 8/14 at Kung Fu Necktie (See you bitches there!).  They worked with Yours Tru.ly and a high school marching band to bring you this stupendous display:

Yourstru.ly Presents: Maps & Atlases from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

And finally, here is one that is freaking all over the intertubes today, Kid Cudi/Best Coast/Rostam from Vampire Weekend sold out to Converse and release a song called "All Summer".  They wear these silly big heads in the video, its like they are playing with Wii in real life.  Its good, and I kid about the selling out part.  Anytime i've been offered money for anything, I've done it without thinking.  I have no on switch on my morals. (Again thanks to Pitchfork)

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