Listen, I like MIA as much as the next person.  My obsession with all things Diplo is well publicized.  But this new album is hurting my ears and I believe that is the consensus.  Pitchfork (who run the indieverse) gave her new album a 4.4, diplo may/may not have criticized the tracks not made by him (to which I say people in glass houses....), and it seems as though the public is tiring of her antics.  She gave out the number of a writer of a unflattering NY Times article, her Hard Fest in LA was cancelled due to security concerns (see: ticket sales), and she's doing wacky stuff like this on Letterman:

I hope she gets through all this nonsense and start just making the good music that got her to this point.  I'd like to think she's got the capacity to make bigger and better music and not have her peak with a clash-sampled song on a trailer for an Apatow movie.  Godspeed lil' doodle!

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