Been So Funkin' Busy

A lot has happened, that is of interest to me, in the last week.  Phils have gone on a tear as of lately, finishing up a sweep of the Rockies today.  Training camp started for the birds.  Union, betrayed me, and played their biggest game of the year against Man U in a stadium other than the one that was built for them.  Those S.O.B's...see what I did there?  You can't teach that.

More to the fact, while most summers are normally devoid of concerts I'm pumped to see.  This summer has been jam packed full of them.  In the last week I jumped in on Kid Sister & GANG, unfortunately I missed majority of the xPonential festival which had some real good acts over 3 days, saw the spectacle that is Die Antwoord while being pleasantly surprised by Midnight Juggernauts at Vuvuzelafest 2k10, sweated my ass off at Deadmau5 (he apparently plays better when he's angry - Adv. Rusko), and capped it off by perusing the mart at the Punk Rock festival.  Some general thoughts:
  • GANG played a kick ass set which included a cover of "Killing in the Name Of".  You pull off Rage, you win in my book.  Kid Sister will be a big deal soon enough, IMO.
  • I'm over Die Antwoord, I'll admit I bought into the schtick but after Making Time on Friday, I have no doubt that they are not for real.  God bless the hype machine built around the Ninja & Co. but it's not cutting it.  Don't agree and think their sliced bread good, go read someone who may/may not also care.
  • Wearing an American flag mau5head was a bunch of dreams come true all at once.  They include loving/repping America hardcore, wearing costumes for no reason, and generally being the most awesome you can be at all times.  And yes, that's a Triple P shirt, that is how I roll.

To hear about the future read on...

And if that did nothing for you,  I've got more this week.  Tomorrow night is Ariel Pink at Johnny Brenda's which you'll have to do awful things for now that it sold out.  Wednesday night I'd be interested to see Seu Jorge.  Know nothing about him other than all the acoustic Bowie covers he played in The Life Aquatic.  THURSDAY IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED EVER!

I'm fucking stoked for this thing and glad these guys asked me to help promote it.  Hoping a bunch of people show up to get their Medusa on and listen to a bunch of random awesome music from Shane Sixten, DJ Ruxbin, and DJ Sega.  Cause thats what it is gonna go down, and I'm working on something for ya'll.  Team Awesome called, they said this event is in breach of too much awesome.  We'll settle it in the streets.

Friday is the Morning Benders opening up for the Black Keys at Festival Pier Jr., Saturday is the Mad Decent Block Party with Diplo and a dickload of others with a dunk tank and a guy in a dog costume with a Vick jersey, and oh yeah Monday it's Arcade Fire (New Album Review) & Spoon.  N.B.D.  Looking for passengers aboard the awesome train, who's coming with me?

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