Good Day Just Got Better

When it rains it pours my friends.  I was led to believe that Making Time had an announcement to make today at 5 and what did they lay upon us.  That this years Making Time Summer of Radness finale will be headlined by the band I never stop telling people about LCD Soundsystem.  If you haven't started listening to them, most people in my shoes would mock you and point and laugh, but hear at exact change we realize that will get you nowhere except being a music geek with no friends to share it with.  I encourage you all to start listening now, because as a friend once told me, LCD could be the Talking Heads of the blog generation (too soon to tell?).  Influential beyond comprehension to majority of the music I talk about on here and amazingly catchy dance tunes.  Visit the making time is rad site and get your tickets ASAP.  You can also get them at the Last Drop Coffee Shop.  You should follow these people on twitter to keep updated: David Pianka & Making Time is Rad as well as read Phrequency cause they are one of the few sources of good music knowledge in the city.  So to recap, that Friday I will be dancin myslf clean and I will wake up uber early and go check out a ishload of free music in Baltimore here.  Again you are welcome for bringing you the funk.

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