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Gonna flip the switch on y'all and write about a collection of links, music, and other goodness from the world of hip-hop.  Cause I'm as hood as it gets, Yo!  Hip-hop was cool when wearing backwards baseball jerseys was where it was at.  Am I right people?  

Let's start with the funny.  Cause that's really what I'm about, the funny:

I enjoy a good fail, and apparently so does complex, because they posted the 50 biggest hip-hop fails of all time.  A little aside, I love that "FAIL" has become a noun.  Feels right, don't it?  Highlights for this guy are: the Game getting the ax on 'Change of Heart', Lupe Fiasco not remembering the lyrics to a Tribe song at VH1's hip hop honors (srsly??!?), Brian Austin Green (of 90210 notoriety) working with the Pharcyde, Vanilla Ice's blockbuster 'Cool As Ice', Jay-Z's mom making him apologize to Nas and Lil Kim's plastic surgery debacle.  Here's the article: 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
Big Boi is twittering and bopping around the internets as much as anyone these days promoting his solo album "Sir Lucious Left Foot - The Son of Chico Dusty".  Does he want me not to tell people about this thing?  I mean I only have 140 characters to post on something and that title is just obnoxious.  Anywho, every track I have heard I have loved, and we talked previously about the track that Andre 3k shows up on, which is the bees knees.  Listen to the entire album on his myspace page and here is a track for free and one to listen to while you read.  Please read more, my family is hungry...

So last week, the "Brian Wilson's Smile" of hip-hop (sorry Pitchfork already used the Chinese Democracy joke) got its first leak.  Dr. Dre's collaboration with Jay-Z was posted on Nah Right, fully accompanied by the tag department.  Track is called "Under Pressure" and its good even without a hook.  Stoked to hear more.  Funniest part of it all is how hood the dude over at Nah Right got on Twitter after people were busting his stones about taggin the song and Dre coming out and saying the song wasn't done.  Sorry bro, you have a blog, there is nothing about you that scares anyone.  Its science.  Regardless, they do awesome things and find great music, so I can't knock em.  Enjoy. (Originally found by me on Pitchfork)

Last on the new album from well known Artist front, is Round 2 of The Roots and John Legend. John (we are on a first name basis) popped up on a couple of tracks on "How I Got Over" and also played with the gang during the Roots Picnic.  Apparently it is going well because they are in the studios now ready to put out an album in Sept of "60's and 70's soul".  Check out more over at okayplayer and here is a video of one of the new tracks.

Read on for more sweetness about other Roots' aquaintences and a couple of awesome (yet completely unrelated) free tracks I found:

Who's Coming With Me?


Exact Change is teaming up with Actual Records to throw a cassette tape and CD release party at Medusa Lounge on 21st between Market & Chestnut.  Spinning all night will be DJ Sega and DJ Ruxbin and leading off will be a set by Shane SixTenDJ Sega will have his live set from 5/1/2010 available on cassette and will also have the first run of a sick mix CD called "Back for the Last Time" for your listening pleasure.  This is just the beginning of the fantastic goodies that will be available, and as I know about what else we have in store for you I will let you know.  We here in the IHEC laboratory are cooking up a best of twentyten mixtape and plan to have that for you as well.

Top 5 Reasons you should be there:
  1. Its over a month away, so I know none of you plan that far in advance.
  2. It's on a thirsty thursday and they are coming back in a big way.
  3. These guys rock and you should know about em.
  4. Probably the most important, is to support up and coming local music. 
  5. You can't ask for a better time than hanging out with this guy and company, this I can guarantee.  Try to find one, I dare you.

Here are some samples from their soundcloud pages.  Get yrself some ear candy:

Get Naked (It's Gettin Hot!!!!!) - Lil Jon and DJ Sega by DJSega
Bloodlines - DJ Sega by DJSega

Chemical Flowers Re-edit by DJ Ruxbin and Shane Sixten by dj Ruxbin

GeTTeM' (DJ Ruxbin Thick Dutch Remix) by DJ SixTen


I LOL @ Hipsters

Now I have been accused of being a closet hipster (check out that link, you won't be disappointed), but I believe it is my duty as an American to defend my honor.  First things first, i can't fit into skinny jeans and wouldn't want to wear them if I could fit into them.  Secondly, I have no affinity towards throwback 80's clothes or or retarded facial hair.  Where I do fall down is my love for a certain award winning beer and my genuine interest in all of these indie/hipster bands that pop up via the internet.  One of my favorite site that pokes fun at these hipsters is Hipster Runoff (recently in Time Magazine) and here is a hilarious/current event relevant article on how forced buzzbands and hipster talk is ruining "Mother Indie".  You can't make this stuff up...

The latest catch phrase for a buzz genre out right now is "Chillwave".  Just saying it gives me the jimmy legs, but what am I supposed to do when I enjoy the music so much.  This genre includes artists such as Neon Indian, Washed Out, Toro y Moi, and most recently Teen Daze has been getting attention from the blogosphere.  Check the tags for some previous things I have written about this guy and here are two more gems, I am the musical gift that keeps on giving:

Teen Daze - Savior & New Theory (Washed Out cover) via Pitchfork
Teen Daze - Savior (as part of a mixtape with Ariel Pink & Others) via ISO50

Last but not least, here is an Adult Swim single from Washed Out (free download here)
Washed Out (feat. Caroline Polachek) - You and I (Pitchfork Article) & here is a video (via G vs B)

One man listening party

Here are some things you can either stream or download.  Whether or not you'll like it is another topic...

Soulwax remixed LCD Soundsystem.  I have to go change my pants now (via Pitchfork):
LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit (Soulwax Remix)

Here are some awesome mixes of that new N.E.R.D track that was making its way around the internet the past few weeks.  Via (PMA/FSW):

Kele from Bloc Party has a solo album our and here are two of the tracks that "We All Want Someone To Shout For" are fans of for download and more importantly here is the whole album available for streaming:
Kele - The Boxer (Myspace Stream)

Philadelphia based space/dance rock awesomeness GANG has a handful of tracks from their new album available here, thanks reverbnation.  Show these local gals some love:

Dark Night Of The Soul
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse have their entire album up for stream on NPR, here it is as one full album.  This is their second collaboration, and if you are not familiar, it is more of the broken bells/flaming lips variety then the gnarls barkley.  Head over to their site to listen to individual tracks:

New Fangled Moving Pictures of Music

Here are some sweet new videos for your viewing pleasure:

Tame Impala - Half Full Glass of Wine (via yvynyl/proaudiostar).  Seems like we are on the same page, because as I've mentioned here before I think this band is going to blow up.  Love that psych-rock sound.

Interpol is putting their new album out on Sept. 14th and here is a music video for the song ""(via Vulture):

Music Video for the first single off of Rusko's O.M.G "Hold On".  Probably the most mainstream of the tracks on this album.  Let us thank NME, Mad Decent, & Downtown Music:

Rusko - Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) from Mad Decent on Vimeo.


How I Got Over

How I Got Over

This new trend of acts/bands throwing up their entire new album to stream and spread is freaking amazing. I have nothing else to say, other than this is the best Roots album since Phrenology, which is what put them on the national map.  Now listen away and spread the word about the best representation of Philly music out there:

Mixtapes from the 215

Both of these mixtapes rocked my world today and for completely different reasons.  One is all about the old school funk and the other is all about the new school dance.  You are welcome in advance...

First up to bat is a split mixtape released by Luis Angel Cancel and Kid Queasy released on Concrete Umbrella.  The A side is titled "Come to the Bedroom" and it is awash with chillwave and other dreamy gems including: Washed Out, MillionYoung, JJ, and Miike Snow.  The B side is from Kid Queasy, who we've mentioned before, and it lights your feet on fire and doesn't stop till the end.  My choice samples are: Hot Chip and Mylo.  They've set this mixtape up how I set up all of the many many woman who have fallen for Mr. Change.  Win you over blindly with our smooth ass jamz and then BAM! Take it up a notch caveman style, back to the room. What's wrong? Isn't that how everyone does it?

Listen to it here: A Mixtape for Sexy Times

And as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, another local awesome DJ gang, has also dropped some stupendous old school funk/soul in our laps.  Rocktits! has been bringing it all day every day for some time now, also play a weekly gig at the Pope and last month they gave us this gift:
Turnaround Vs. Immediate Summer 2010 Mix by rocktits!

Check out this tracklist:
The Message - Cymande - 0:00
Me Libertei - Toni Tornado - 1:04
Mothership Connection - Parliament - 3:28
Foxy Lady (Rob Tex Mix) - Jimi Hendrix - 6:48
Superjock - Rueben Bell - 9:12
You Got The Love - Rufus and Chaka Kahn - 10:53
The Beast Day (Todd Terje Edit) - Marsha Hunt's 22 - 12:22
Happy Birthday - Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight - 14:28
The Next Message - EGB and the Mikey 7 - 14:44
Dance and Hum Along - Rare Earth - 15:58
Strike - Union - 20:02
I Believe in Miracles - Jackson Sisters - 21:36
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Led Zeppelin - 23:54
Let Me Clear My Throat - DJ Kool - 27:29
Hollywood Swinging - Kool & the Gang - 30:43
Green Tambourine (Bombs Edit) - Lemon Pipers - 32:20
Apache - The Sugarhill Gang - 34:23
Dance with the Devil - Cozy Powell - 35:20
I'm a Man (Rub 'n' Tug Edit) - The Chicago Transit Authority - 37:51
I Can't Stand Myself - James Brown - 39:41
Love City - Sly & The Family Stone - 42:17
Stuck in the Middle (Rusty Seger Edit) - Steeler's Wheel - 43:59
Some Kind Of Wonderful - Soul Brothers Six - 46:41
Papa Was A Rolling Stone - The Temptations - 49:16
T.V. Eye - The Stooges - 52:44
Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tina Turner - 55:43
Prodigal Son - The Rolling Stones - 58:47
Tenere - Group Bombino - 1:01:33

Holy Ghost! & The Rapture

Via RVNG Intl.: Making Time Party @ Voyuer next week!
Cannot wait to see both of these acts next week.  Be there or be square people!  Or else I'll have Squints Palledorous come to your house and call you an "L 7 Weiner".  You don't want that do you?

Rock and/or Roll Mix Bag

In RainbowsRadiohead remixes their own "15 Step" with a great Dave Brubek song "Take Five" and indieshuffle tossed in a bonus remix of Pyramid Song.  I'll take it!
Link: Radiohead Remixes
(P.S.: Note that Tame Impala is featured content, get on that.)

Fabriclive.29Cut Copy interviewed with Pitchfork about their new album, which comes out in January and how its bittersweet to be invited to tour with Lady Gaga.  Pros: Tour with stadiums of hot chicks and notoriety, Cons: all that is/associated with that media vacuum/attention whore.

Future BreedsI miss Hot Hot Heat.  I can distinctly remember taking the train back and forth to D.C. and bumping "Make Up the Breakdown" on every trip.  Check out Pitchfork's review of the new album.  I love it, and I'm happy they are back in my rotation.
Pitchfork Review

Let the summer music wash over you.  This hazy, 60's AM, upbeat sound continues to completely dominate my playlist.

200 Million ThousandWhen I'm With YouMemoryhouse
Less hazy and more garage-y (?), digging this new Black Lips track from the Adult Swim weekly giveaway

Best Coast Pre Order new album "Crazy For You": Via Mexican Summer

Found this guy via twitter and I can't resist music that builds up like this, give it a whirl:
Dreaming of Ocean by SECRET HIDEOUT

Memoryhouse - The Years free EP (review link via TLOBF/DL link via arcade sound ltd)

Bonnaroo has just closed up and before the weekend started, RCRD LBL put up a playlist of a group of the artists that are performing.  Totally worth a listen:

Last but not least, well everything up to now has been gold so maybe least.  Another crazy video from OK Go.  I feel like these guys spend more time figuring out their music videos then they spend on the actual music.  Either way, they've got a niche and people love the videos, check it out after the jump(via Vulture):


Mixtape Galore!!

I know I need to get off Mad Decent, Diplo, etc dick, but you can't help it when he is from the area and just constantly putting out good stuff to listen to.  This is summer fire!  I guarantee.  Jay-Z, Ludacris, a new Major Lazer track, Rihanna, and to top it off a remix of Say it Ain't So by Weezer.  I mean how can you blame me for wanting to spread this fantasticness (is that a word?).  It is now.

Related News:  Diplo will be spinning at 9:30 at the Cuervo Games Saturday at the Piazza (phrequency)

New A-Trak produced track

God bless twitter, where you can find out whatever your heart desires faster than Gary Coleman's ex wife sold his death bed photos to the Globe.  What? Too soon?  Tell that to her, I'm not making money off his death.

A-Trak was in Australia and hooked up with Heaps Decent (does Heaps = Mad in australian?) and produced this track for them.  All of the samples are them playing didgeridoos and making silly noises.  Crazy aussies!  Have a listen and download it for free.  Sometimes it amazes me how awesome I am to you guys/gals.

Here is the original LINK.

Heaps Decent feat MC Huz & The Riverina Crew - Anywhere But Here (Produced by A-Trak) by Heaps Decent


First Eagle 106, then 103.9 WDRE, now this?

Truly unbelievable!  Next you're going to try and tell me that we landed on the moon? ...What's that you say?

The last grasp at life has been yanked away from the boys over at Y-Rock on XPN and with it also ends any semblance of a fresh take on rock music on terrestrial radio.  What's that mean to you my glorious readers?  Nothing, because you have discovered the internet and realized that you now have access to more music than you could ever listen to at your fingertips at all times.  So to other than anyone over 40+ that loved Marcy Playground, Collective Soul and 4 Non Blondes and cannot operate a computer, this news changes your life in absolutely no way.  

But I digress, because I will shed a bit of a tear.  Indie today is what alternative was in the 90's, difference is where people get their music.  It's indie because these bands can't make enough money with the current music business model that they are signed by smaller labels.  I loved Y100 for its awesome Sonic Sessions and YFest's.  And more than that I appreciate all that I got from those channels when that was my only source for music.  You can still catch their show online (here in the wild & crazy future!...)
Here's Michael Klein's article on it, and Papa John gets fantasy points for sending me the link.

Weekend Update

With Norm MacDonald....I mean Zach Change! (add audience throwing batteries cheers and such) I swear it'll be as hilarious and witty as anything you can currently see on SNL:

Neon Indian is making moves

Psychic Chasms
 Alan Palomo and Co. are doing everything in their power to be the kings of this "chillwave" throwback 80's movement.  This includes some of the following:

They released their first album on Lefse, but it was reported that Neon Indian signed with Fader Label.  Check out the stories here:  (via Pitchfork/Billboard)

In other Neon Indian news, you like that segue? You can't teach that.  Neon Indian's single that was released on Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound, Sleep Paralysist, now has a music video which is the band's first.  I have to say that this is probably the most polished of all of Alan's tracks and I believe it, in part, is because he worked with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.  Great lyrics and a well written song.  Check out the video below and download the track for free here (thanks PMA):


Random New Tracks

Snarf drives a dodge neon?
So per usual I slacked on doing daily posts and now have a boat load of information to talk about.  Don't judge me, I don't get paid for this.  Ingrates, all of you!  Here is new music from across the interwebs, none of which has anything to do with each other.  Just enjoy:

New Waaves Track

Green Label Sound, Mountain Dew's Label will be putting out a new track off of Waaves new album on 6/9/10. So pumped. Have at it!

I have a fever and the only prescription is more Daft Punk

Alive 2007

While we wait patiently for the Tron Soundtrack and rumored touring at the end of the this year and by 2011 at the latest.  Here is something else to hold you over if you are like me and can't get enough of two guys in robot helmets:


Memorial Day Weekend (or How I learned to stop worrying and love the BBQ)

Caught a sick free at noon show at WCL then caught the same act later that night with some surprisingly good opening acts (see last post).

I may or may not have cracked a friends rib, we may never know.  

Watched Harry Halladay go into the record books:

Could have out-hipstered this guy with the amount of PBR that was consumed:

And despite all that I still managed to drum up this awesomeness for your ears:

Free Energy @ First Unitarian

Stuck On Nothing
Saw them on friday with Jukebox the Ghost and Miniature Tigers.  Really enjoyed the Tigers set and Free Energy's.  The first thing that comes to my mind when I see Free Energy play is Eric Forman and the rest of the gang started a feel good 70's hit band.  Catchy, simple tunes.  Key tracks - Bang Pop, Dream City, Hope Child.  Check out some links for more info: