I know I'm a whole season behind on finding out about this video, but gawd damn its rad.  Why can't every video be this cool?!  Bewbs, cosmos talk, light bulb sword fighting, randomness, & bewbs.  Had to spread it:

Covers & Remixes

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the new Beastie Boys album that is about to drop.  They've got a new video for the lead single, with cameos galore.  They streamed the whole album at MSG after it leaked the other day.  Found this remix of Make Some Noise by Passion Pit on both Stereogum & Pretty Much Amazing.  And now you can haz:

This next on is a cover by Teen Daze, who we've covered before, of Japandroids awesome sauce song Wet Hair (via I Hope Your Ears Bleed).  Has a great 8-bit feel to it, and in this guy's opinion is a excellent take on the song.  Teen Daze should be on your radar. Let me help you:

Just saw Cut Copy & Holy Ghost! at the Troc the other week, so this remix seems appropriate.  (Quick footnote, if you are not already listening to the Holy Ghost! album and enjoy 80's dance music, I urge you to drop whatever it is you are doing and get said music in your life stat.  They are for serious.)  Here is Detroit DJ Carl Craig's take on Cut Copy's Need You Now (via A Heart is A Spade), one of the better tracks on a very good album put out by Cut Copy earlier this year.

Last one is another cover of a band I got to witness in person last night at the First Unitarian Church, Tame Impala.  Here is sample master Mark Ronson take on their song.  You can download it for free over at Some Kind of Awesome.

I'm in a fun mood

http://twitter.com/#!/yvynylI fortunately missed the week of rain we just had by escaping to Scottsdale, AZ for the week.  Went out there for work and thought that would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on music posts after work.  But Tecate and Old Town Scottsdale thought otherwise.  Such is life.  So now I've got about a months worth of links that I'm whittling through and sorting into topics to talk about.  This first post is just cause I finally feel like the season has changed and nice weather is here to stay.  


And we'll start this post off with some beach sounds and 80's nostalgia.

This gem right here, in all its swayze-esque glory, is from Okay Colour called Sounds of Summer.  
Very fitting start to the post.  (via Rose Quartz)
I mentioned a couple of posts ago how much I've been enjoying the findings of Mark over at yvynyl.  I'm telling you, he finds some pop awesomeness from all over the map and here is some examples of what I've loved from there over the past month.

Slowdance - Sweetness

Generationals - Ten Twenty Ten

(Can't give him full credit for this one, RCRD LBL sent me the track beforehand but he does dig up the choice video to his credit.  Kudos.)

What's that you say folk music and electronica have no business being in the same room as each other???
  Cram it with walnuts cause here are two awesome examples of how it they make sweet sweet music babies:

First one I found on "I Guess I'm Floating", which is a relatively new site to me at least.  But from what I've read so far, he will be staying in the RSS feed.  Great way to mix samples with slide guitar.  The band is called Bantum and if you like it check out their bandcamp page:

This other folk electronica artist is much more well known and has been praised by the blogosphere.  Bibio does a good job of blending genres and here is a video for a track of his latest album Mind Bokeh:


familiar faces

Taking a quick break from new acts to run through some news on people you have, or should, know about:

New J Dilla.  I've said here before that this guy has been putting out more music after he passed then 2Pac and that trend continues.  FACT and Nah Right have video of Dilla's mom talking about a new album called the Rebirth of Detroit".  Here it is:

Staying on hip hop somewhat, DOOM and Thom Yorke are apparently doing an entire album together.  Mr. Yorke has now put out an album with Radiohead, is doing stuff with Burial & Four Tet that I am a giant fan of, was working with Flying Lotus, and now is working with MF DOOM.  I barely have the time, energy, patience to write on this thing once a week and he's got 4 projects going.  Way to set the bar jerk.  Here is some of the new music:

Thom Yorke Live DJ Set @ Low End Theory LA 3.9.11 from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

Another collaboration that promises to be interesting if nothing else is the Flaming Lips & Neon Indian.  Go over to Disco Naivete to hear the first leak of a track they've done together.  It's called "Is David Bowie Dying?", so I'm thinking an upbeat track....

Last thing I've got for you is some Tropicalia collaboration called Red Hot & Rio 2 from the Red Hot Organization.  The first time they did this they got some amazing admirers of Bossa Nova and did a tribute album.  This time around we've got Beck, Neon Indian, Javelin, and many more paying homage to the late 60's genre that is stupendous.  It is without a doubt on my radar and if you'd like to hear/learn more about the genre here is a link to a Yours Tru.ly article (complete with examples) of some of the people that will be covered on this album.

Until next time.



this one time at...um

In my past few posts on here as well as my FB page (run tell e'rebody!) I've been linking up and talking about this page that is new to me bandcamp.  It's like the crazy love child of soundcloud, myspace, & iTunes.  

It's not as feature rich as soundcloud's player is, as members of soundcloud can enter comments anywhere along the waveform timeline, but can still be shared to any number of social media outlets (FB, Twitter, Blogs, etc).  You can create a band page that is comparable to myspace without all the spam/pedofiles that still lurch on myspace (does ANYONE other than bands use myspace still?)  And lastly, you can set your price for music or allow the end user to pick how much they want to pay (ala In Rainbows model) which is much better for up and coming artist then having to shell out most of their money directly to Steve Jobs.  While I believe it is still in its infancy, I really think that this has the potential to be a game changer.  It has good parts of three, at one time, solid outlets all rolled into one.  Some numbers directly from their homepage:

Heartening factoids:

  • On Bandcamp, albums outsell tracks 5 to 1 (in the rest of the music buying world, tracks outsell albums 16 to 1).
  • On name-your-price albums, fans pay an average of 50% more than whatever you set as your minimum.
  • We've driven 871,737 paid transactions and served 12,858,249 downloads to happy fans.

Below are some examples I have in my ever growing laundry list of shit to talk about:

yvynyl has been my go-to lately for happy music.  He has been on point, not that he wasn't before, but as of recent I've really been enjoying the stuff he's sharing (see:  Denver - Los Adolescents).  Here he has a pop gem call After Cards by My Parasol.  Enjoyz:

Next up is Niva.  I've recently been doing a lot of music chatting with a buddy who's just getting back into it but has always had a great ear for good acts.  Was on the Hot Chip and La Roux train well before anyone else I know just as two examples.  He sent me a link for this awesome video and then the next day, awesome-sauce website Disco Naivete had a post about it.  Below are both the bandcamp and video:

NIVA // the boy from the sun from Joseph Rodrigues Marsh on Vimeo.

Last one for today is from Visitation Rites, one of the Altered Zones gang, and the bands name is Sun Glitters.  It's some new "chillwave" that I love oh-so-much.  I agree with VR that "Too Much to Lose" is the best track of the bunch, but i'll let you decide.  And with that i bid you adieu....


Bands I've Never Heard....Till NOW!

Been slacking again, but would you expect any less?  I enjoying drinking too damn much and I started watching the Wire. What?  It's still relevent.  So I've been stockpiling links upon links of things I eventually will talk about and this first batch is bands I had never heard of until just recently.  Here you go:

Pretty Much Amazing posted about this band Airlines that I'm starting to put into heavy rotation.  Totally more of that lo-fi chillwave music I beat against your ears, but screw you if you don't like it.  I want summer damnit!  Below is their EP from their Bandcamp (btw the greatest thing ever!) page for listen and pay what you like (read: free) download.  Huzzah!

Next on board is some Norwegian pop, because who can't get enough of that?  This act is the best thing to come out of Norway since Sondre Lerche & Erland Oye. (Editor's Note: totally had to wikipedia norwegian acts to find two I knew of, but I came away with the knowledge that Erland is the brains behind Whitest Boy Alive. FTW)

Anywho, the bands name is Team Me and they are catchy as hell.  Here is the track "Dear Sister" (thanks to Audio Muffin).  If this gem isn't enough for you to just listen to you can click here and play an 8-bit video game adventure to the track.

How about a sick drum beat to go with some killer guitar?  Sure thing people.  Again props to Pretty Much Amazing, I give you 1,2,3 - Riding Coach & Confetti.

Gorilla vs Bear/Altered Zones have got this haze dub thing on lockdown.  They've completely gotten everyone to dig retro sounds again.  This stuff from Peaking Lights is silly good.  Here is an unofficial video for "Tiger Eyes" and "All That the Sun Shines".

You are going to have to trust me on this one, you need patience to enjoy what I've embeded below.  Apparently I should have heard of these guys before, but it's never too late!  The build up is killer and it is just instrument on top of instrument, I may be a weird nerd but this is damned good.
Gang Gang Dance - Glass Jar (again via Altered Zones):


Hype Williams

Taking famous names and making them your own are all the rage these days (Com Truise, Dro Carey, etc).  But Hype Williams, an awesome lo-fi duo, just straight up gripped the much ballyhooed music video producers name for their act.  My friend Lucas turned me on to this and I can't stop listening, figured I'd share with the group.  Ya know like show 'n tell.

Videos that got me into them:

Here are new tracks I found from FACT & Altered Zones (via Friendship Bracelet):


Hype Williams - Businessline by factmag

Rise Up

Making Wavves

Wavves has dropped a bunch of new tracks (3 to be exact over the past week).  I've compiled them all very nicely here for your aural pleasure.  Enjoys!

First off is a new track Nathan's band has been playing live at shows called Mutant.  Here is a video from Radio VA (thx to A Heart Is A Spade):

Village Ppl Reject...

Next up is a track I found on both SKOA and Pitchfork called TV Luv Song.  You can download this track for free from this soundcloud:
Lastly is a song I found via Gorilla vs. Bear called "Horse Shoes".  Which you can listen to by clicking play.


Music for your Eyeballs

This post is strictly new music videos.
Think MTV...pre-Real World.

Hard Mix is hazy hip hop beat maker by way of South Carolina that Altered Zones has taken a liking to.  Below is a video for a song called "Eye Contact" and also a track I found on GvsB & PMA called "Now Her" that you should check out.  There is an upcoming 7" split coming out with Hard Mix and the artist I talk about next, Star Slinger.

I've talked about Star Slinger on here before, a sample DJ reminicent of Dilla himself.  Found a new video by him called "Mornin" on both Gorilla vs Bear & A Heart is A Spade:

I was admittedly late to the scene with Gold Panda, but I was blown away once I was.  Another act from the beat department, this video is off the Lucky Shiner album (via SKOA and P4K).  Enjoy:

Cut Copy premiered a video on Stereogum for a single of their latest album Zonoscope "Need You Know".  Those wacky Aussies...

Millionyoung does their thing on "Easy Now" over at yourstru.ly:

yvynyl hooked it up with some new videos from Work Drugs (which is a direct take on Rad Racer) and Cloud Nothings.  Both pretty sweet:

Another act I just literally found out about this past week via I Hope Your Ears Bleed, Walk the Moon, and it is damn catchy.  Tell me you don't feel the same way.  And how about those workout outfits, eh?

Flying Lotus has been throwing his hat into the director ring and his latest is a piece by Erykah Badu (via SKOA).  Me likey:
Not a music video, but I have to post on anything Diplo related by law.  And according to Mad Decent, he checked in at Carson Daly's show.  See I told you this was going to be like old school MTV!!

And lastly, my latest hip hop addiction is Odd Future in all its glory.  I found that Tyler the Creator "Yonkers" video to be quite entertaining.  You must watch their performance on Fallon last week that I found on Stereogum:

Coming to a Music Venue near You!

This changing weather has got the live music bug coarsing through my brains and I figured I'd give you a post about shows coming to town in the next few months that you should defintely check out, in my opinion that is, which you can take for what its worth.  I know some of these are sold out, but they are good enough to warrant stub hub, scalping, or selling your body for said tickets.

Lets try and do this in some sort of order:
2.24.11 - Beach House is  @ the Trocadero (SOLD OUT, will be a good show though)
3.4.11 - Tennis is playing with La Sera over @ Johnny Brenda's (TIX)
3.4 & 3.5.11 - The Get Up Kids & Miniature Tigers are at the TLA (TIX)
3.22.11 - Simian Mobile Disco is melting faces with Dave P & Sammy Slice @ the Trocadero (TIX)
3.23.11 - One of my all time favs, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr playing with Kurt Vile @ WCL (TIX)
3.24.11 - Queens of the Stone Age are playing their entire first album @ the Electric Factory (SOLD OUT)
3.25.11 - Cold War Kids are playing WITH Baths (AWESOME SAUCE) @ the Trocadero (SOLD OUT)
3.31.11 - Crazy tough decision here.  Both going to be rad shows.  Either:
4.4.11 - War on Drugs is opening up for Destroyer @ the Church (TIX)
4.12.11 - Pumped to see Toro y Moi play @ the Church, love that new album (TIX)
4.14.11 - The Go! Team is playing with dance surfers Dom @ the TLA (TIX) (thx P4K)

4.22.11 - Nu-Jazz greats Soulive take care of business @ the TLA (TIX)
4.26.11 - Summertime dance fun with Yacht @ the Church (TIX)
4.27.11 - Flaming Lips-esque psych rock from Aussies Tame Impala & opener Yuck over @ the Church (TIX) (thx to a heart is a spade for the heads up)
4.29 & 4.30.11 - Dubstep weekend with Rusko playing @ the Electric Factory on Friday & Skrillex playing @ the TLA on Saturday (Rusko TIX) (Skrillex TIX)
5.1.11 - Peter, Bjorn & John will undoubtedly play everyone's '07 favorite "Young Folks" @ the TLA (TIX)
5.8.11 - 2k10 favorites Sleigh Bells with Cansei de Ser Sexy will be getting it done @ the Trocadero (TIX)
5.10.11 - Deftones (stoked!)will be playing with math metal studs Dillinger Esc Plan @ the Electric Factory (TIX)
5.12.11 - Oddest pairing on here, Surfer Blood & ...And You Will Know Us by The Trail of the Dead @ the Church (TIX)
5.16.11 - Love this girl.  Lykke Li will be brining her talents to South Bea....err the TLA (TIX)
5.19.11 - Pop Punk pioneer Elvis Costello is playing @ the Tower Theater (not on sale yet) (thx P4K)
5.20.11 - New act to me, will post about em soon, Tune Yards playing @ Johnny Brenda's (TIX)
5.24.11 - Awesome dance rock act Friendly Fires playing @ the Church (TIX)
6.17.11 - A heart is a Spade posted about Yeasayer's upcoming tour which puts them at the Trocadero this night!


Bleeps & Bloops

He's got a fallback if this electronic thing doesn't work out.


Let me start by saying that its only the nerds, like myself, who read about music all day that have seen the formal outpour of people who think the music this kid (he's only 23, maybe? what am I a doctor?) is making is phenomenal and he will be on everyone's brains by year end. Only problem is that this is some deep, eerie shit and most people are neither of those.  You have to want to sit down and take a good listen to this shit in some headphones to appreciate it.  He mixes slow beats and blips with ghostly voices and makes it fucking work.   Some people, not me, call it post dubstep whatever the fuck that is.  I have no idea, its just damn good.  I love it, and I hope at least one of you will too.  Here's the latest on what he's got going on:

  • New album dropped on Feb. 7th (via P4K)
  • Reviews of his albums on above mentioned pitchfork (which amongst the hipsters/music geeks are like a critic bible) are as follows:
    • CMYK EP - 8.3/10 (and Best New Music)
    • Klavierwerk EP - 8.1/10 (he blew it here, that's almost like a C)
    • James Blake - 9.0/10 (apparently not Kanye good, but I mean who is?)
      • ALSO GOT 4 RECORD ON FACT (no clue if that's good...)
  • Dropping video knowledge on yo' faces:


(Need a little aside here for the baby Kanye meme, it has consumed my life)

Alright, back to business.  Enuff tomfoolery:

Two electronic artist who only caught my attention cause they have funny recognizable names.  Genius!

Com Truise popped up on both Altered Zones & Truants Blog with some free tracks.  Um, its awesome sauce.  Here's a taste:

Here's another clever one, Dro Carey.  Get it?  Its like a happy Aphex on helium.  Odd combo, but I dug 'Wack Reeboks!!?'. Found this at Rose Quartz and you can grip two tracks there.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot:

  1. Prefuse 73 is back in town with another album 'The Only She Chapters' on 4/25.  Womp Womp!
  2. Pantha du Prince is going to release a remix album of Black Noise with Animal Collective, Four Tet & Company.
  3. Explosions in the Sky, glitch connoisseurs with an aversion to nostalgic music, are also release a new LP on 4/26.


Hip Hop Links

I feel like this is becoming a once a week thing, and I'm trying to get stuff on here more often.  Which is why these posts are stupid long.  I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try.

I peruse all these articles, send em to myself to write about later, start a bunch of posts, but I can never get them finished in any sort of a timely fashion.  Am I hear to break the latest in music news? Nah, I'd rather just get you the information when I can, and just hope you haven't heard it yet or I tell it in a way thats more fantastic than the other zillion blogs, tumblrs, pressers out there.  
Rant done.

Well keep this short & sweet.  Black Thought is doing his own thing now.  He's got some new stuff with Danger Mouse coming out (via SKOA).

And in the above interview he did with the NY Post he said that he's got an EP titled 'The Talented Mr. Trotter' coming out on Def Jam (via Okayplayer).

(thanks to 2dopeboyz for the poster)

Dilla's gives 2Pac a run for his money.  Who's released more awesome music posthumously then this guy?  ?uestlove tweeted this awesome article about how Dilla got so good over at the Guardian.  Here is a trailer for the movie called 'Just Shining', which is all about the man himself with interviews with people close to him and live concert footage.  This just came out last week (via 2dopeboyz):

The infamous (thats more than famous??) descendent of Coltrane, Flying Lotus, made his directorial debut with Bilal's 'Levels':
The Sounds of VTech / Bilal Levels

You can also order some sweet remixes of that Levels track here (via Soul Culture) and over at 2dopeboyz you can get another remix of The Dolla off of Bilal's new album by Black Milk.  Where does he find these wonderful toys??


KID CUDI IS RELEASING A ROCK ALBUM? (It'll be like Joey Lawrence's rap album)


Everybody Dancing Now

I like the C and C music company...

 Here are some awesome things happening in the indieverse:
Cut Copy just released their new album, its the tits.  Sounds from all over the place.  Give it a listen on their free stream here!

I thought this was pretty cool.  Datarock is coming out with new music, an EP and a LP to be exact.  Here's the cool thing, they are packing those two awesome things with all their other albums (including remix albums and b-sides), and a plethora (thanks word of the day calendar!) of pics all on a custom USB toy.  
I'm impressed with the marketing idea.  Here is a free track off their new EP called Catcher in the Rye. [via SKOA]

Toro y Moi is all I've been reading about for the past week.  It's unbelievable.  You'd think that ol' Chazzy is the second coming.  I can't blog everyday because i have a regular job that requires my actual attention, but there was no fucking way possible to keep up with his 'buzziness'.  Here's a recap of everything I've compiled from their upcoming album "Underneath the Pine" over the last few days:

Middle of December - He drops "Still Sound" on us for free[via Stereogum]

Got a video to go along with it [via We All Want Someone To Shout For]:

Then here at the end of January, we got the second single.  Which I have "borrowed" (for the good of the people!) [via GvB]:

Then we got a fake video, and subsequently the official video for this bad boy:

Lastly, he gave the album to Urban Outfitters (you read that right) to stream away.  Go nuts.  I was a huge fan of Causers of This and I'm already feeling this album.  It comes out Feb 22nd.  Go away winter...

Here are some other equally awesome gems:
Tobacco remixes the Go Team!, makes em better...

Javelin remixes this band I've not yet gotten into 'The Holidays', I have to assume this is also better.  I do that, make things work for my benefit. 

The Hood Internet remixed Arcade Fire and Blondie.  Works perfect.

RCRD LBL is the best thing for catching new music for free that I am aware of.  If you know of something else, I'd like to hear it.  Here is Holy Ghost's new joint, which is rad/free...

I managed to make it to Making Time last week to see Le Femme and Small Black.  I hadn't heard of Le Femme other than Dave P telling me they've got "futuristic sounds".  What else is new?  I did know Small Black though.  They are a electronic outfit that apparently is/was Washed Out's backing band.  Anywho, Phrequency shares some sweet photos of the show (I'm in there somewhere and I look extremely composed and sober) and posted their latest video which is from Stereogum:


Rock Restoration

seeking love LP
I know how much graffiti artists hate dollhouses.
I can certainly appreciate these new acts that are firmly rooted in their efforts to bring back simple and stupendous rock tunes.  Last year it was Free Energy for me, and thanks to yvynyl I may have a new artist to check out - Bare Wires (myspace)

Track 2 Ready To Go by Robot Elephant Records

I saw this character Bosco Delrey at the Mad Decent Block Party last year and saw what kind of stage presence he's got.  Look out for this dude this year.  Here is the original and remix of a song off of his upcoming EP release 'Evil Lives/Wild One'

Bosco Delrey-Evil Lives by maddecent

giving off weird alt cat/relationship vibes since 2k10 (via Hipster Runoff)
Another type of revival music is the 50's & early 60's rock pop that is coming out in surf rock, garage rock, Grease-era stuff, etc.  Went to see the Philly Stop of the Best Coast/Wavves tour last night at Starlight Ballroom.  Pretty good schtick having the alt/indie power couple of the day tour together.  I thought the opener No Joy had real promise and I thought Wavves was the big winner.  He played a new track that I thought was tits, and Idiot and Green Eyes sound kick ass live.  I tried to get into Best Coast, but she lost me three songs in when she basically just hummed a melody on loop the entire song.  I can enjoy her on occasion, but live is not that occasion.  I'd throw up a video of her band making their debut on Letterman last night, but every other effing blog beat me to it.  I think I had a bias going in though after reading this article on Make Major Moves, he was totally right though.