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This is just one of the many many tracks you will hear tomorrow.  I like it.  Come get drunk with me tomorrow.


Like I wasn't going to post this?

This guy has way too much time on his hands.  And I will kill him for that helmet.  That is all...


And then I found this on Uristocrat today, and listened to new Daft Punk and hope there is better stuff coming, cause it's just score music:

Daft Punk for Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Hypetrak


Pay It Forward

It's been bothering me a lot lately and the other day while reading the Simmons mailbag I caught an exchange that, while about sports in particular, was exactly how I currently feel about music.  Here is the exchange:

Q: Soccer still isn't going anywhere in America for this reason: People like me, who only watch soccer whenever the World Cup is on, are hated by actual soccer fans. They would rather have us not watch soccer at all rather than start watching soccer and rooting for the U.S. during the World Cup. It kills them to see people watching who don't normally. I have heard people say things to other people along the lines of "you don't even know the rules" and "if you don't know what's going on then don't watch." Ironically, diehard soccer fans here are actually hurting soccer's progress here in the U.S..
-- Brandon P, Zanesville, Ohio
SG: You just introduced a premise called "The Cult of Status Quo." Sometimes when people become die-hard fans of something that isn't mainstream -- a writer, a band, a player, a TV show, a sport or whatever -- they want to keep that thing the way it is over seeing that thing take off. Why? Because it's cooler to like something that isn't mainstream popular. Because mainstream popularity begets bandwagon fans and people who aren't as sophisticated about that product. Because it's more fun to love something before it takes off than after it takes off.
Hence, it's easier for original fans to dump on newer fans than to tolerate them and hope they advance the cause of whatever they like. I notice this every time I mention the UFC or poker -- there's this bizarre (and totally dismissive) backlash, as if I'm not allowed to watch those sports or even mention them because I'm not a real fan. Well, how do you become a real fan? By liking a sport without disliking the core people who like it. So it's a self-perpetuating cycle, and as weird as this sounds, the original fans like it that way. It maintains their ownership of the product. When the product outgrows them (specifically in the case of a creative entity), that's when the core fans start throwing around phrases like "jumped the shark" and "sold out," mostly because they're bitter it's not just them and the product any more.
With soccer, die-hard American fans love the World Cup itself, but they hate everything that comes with it; the World Cup drudges up the same storylines they've learned to despise ("Soccer can't take off unless X, Y or Z happens," "Our best athletes don't play soccer," "It can never be big here unless there's more scoring" and "They should get rid of offsides," to name four). I don't blame them for reacting negatively to that stuff, but you wouldn't call them welcoming, either. And they have taken a ton of crap over the years, which tends to harden the line between real fans and everyone else. I can tell you that in the past 15 months, when I wrote about soccer a few times and it became clear that it was more than a bandwagon thing, and that I was actually starting to understand what I was watching -- the feedback from die-hards has been tremendous (and much appreciated). They just need to be a little less condescending with neophytes.
For fun, I asked David Hirshey (soccer historian, author of "The ESPN World Cup Companion") and Michael Davies (TV producer, World Cup blogger) for their takes:
Hirshey: "The question of authenticity among fans is hardly soccer-centric. I started watching 'Mad Men' after the third episode had aired. I have a friend who became obsessed with the series once the first season DVD came out. Now he never misses an episode. Are we bandwagon jumpers? Sure, if you want to view it that way. Me, I just want everyone to love soccer the way I fell for it back in the late 1960s -- when you had to walk 10 miles (OK, blocks), in the snow, just to hear the score of a Man U-Arsenal game. Does being a fan for the past 40 plus years make me any more legitimate than someone who embraced the sport this summer because Landon Donovan scored a dramatic goal in the World Cup or Diego Forlan has great hair? Absolutely not. Are there still so-called 'die-hards' who want soccer in this country to remain a kind of secret Skull and Bones society where membership is passed down through generations? Sadly, yes. I say De Jong them in the chest and tell them to get over themselves."
Davies: "I completely agree that many die-hard soccer fans in the U.S. have learned to become just as annoying and condescending as die-hard soccer fans in England and all over the world. Globalization is a wonderful thing. But that doesn't seem to be the main premise of the Q from Zanesville. What BP is actually arguing is that soccer still isn't going anywhere in the U.S. And whatever Glenn Beck says, it's just tough to argue against the empirical data -- TV ratings, website traffic, bar tabs. They're all going up during and around soccer games. That seems to indicate that however annoying or casual the fans are, or however annoying they are to each other, they are still watching. Yes, the World Cup more than anything else. But U.S. interest in the English Premier League and Champions League and the ratings and website traffic surrounding those leagues is growing significantly, too. There are even people who watch Major League Soccer. And that may be the biggest miracle of all. And the biggest proof that soccer must be going somewhere here. It's like Daniel Kellison's [former executive producer of 'The Man Show' and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'] heterosexuality test: Any man can have sex with a model, but only the most heterosexual of men can bring himself to have sex with a truly unattractive woman. The fact that American soccer fans can sit through 90 minutes of MLS is proof of a love of soccer beyond anything the rest of the world can possibly fathom."
 I'm 100% on board with how the Sports Guy feels about this subject and I feel the same way about music these days.   I mean don't get me wrong, I have been guilty of this as I'd like to think everyone is at some point in their braggeries.  I'm still coping with Kings of Leon turning into U2 and cancelling gigs for shitty reasons.  But it's really not worth it.  I am making a conscious effort not to hold a band over someone because I found them first or saw them before they blew up.  I'm getting douche chills just writing that.  No one can be aware of it all, so at some point we are all bandwagon jumpers.  Just because you jumped on first, is there a badge or a cookie that comes with that?  I think finding out about new music/sounds is one of the coolest and most exhilarating things out there, and I know people feel the same.  Ever listen to a song for the first time and it gives you the shivers its so good?  Everyone should find out about that.  Don't bogart that music man!

Idea Gripped from Hipster Runoff

  • Am I a dick for acting like I am higher than thou for gloating about music discovery?
  • Do you agree with every word that I write, as a gospel of sorts?
  • Does this post smack of desperation?
  • Do you even give a shit?

Been So Funkin' Busy

A lot has happened, that is of interest to me, in the last week.  Phils have gone on a tear as of lately, finishing up a sweep of the Rockies today.  Training camp started for the birds.  Union, betrayed me, and played their biggest game of the year against Man U in a stadium other than the one that was built for them.  Those S.O.B's...see what I did there?  You can't teach that.

More to the fact, while most summers are normally devoid of concerts I'm pumped to see.  This summer has been jam packed full of them.  In the last week I jumped in on Kid Sister & GANG, unfortunately I missed majority of the xPonential festival which had some real good acts over 3 days, saw the spectacle that is Die Antwoord while being pleasantly surprised by Midnight Juggernauts at Vuvuzelafest 2k10, sweated my ass off at Deadmau5 (he apparently plays better when he's angry - Adv. Rusko), and capped it off by perusing the mart at the Punk Rock festival.  Some general thoughts:
  • GANG played a kick ass set which included a cover of "Killing in the Name Of".  You pull off Rage, you win in my book.  Kid Sister will be a big deal soon enough, IMO.
  • I'm over Die Antwoord, I'll admit I bought into the schtick but after Making Time on Friday, I have no doubt that they are not for real.  God bless the hype machine built around the Ninja & Co. but it's not cutting it.  Don't agree and think their sliced bread good, go read someone who may/may not also care.
  • Wearing an American flag mau5head was a bunch of dreams come true all at once.  They include loving/repping America hardcore, wearing costumes for no reason, and generally being the most awesome you can be at all times.  And yes, that's a Triple P shirt, that is how I roll.

To hear about the future read on...


Good Day Just Got Better

When it rains it pours my friends.  I was led to believe that Making Time had an announcement to make today at 5 and what did they lay upon us.  That this years Making Time Summer of Radness finale will be headlined by the band I never stop telling people about LCD Soundsystem.  If you haven't started listening to them, most people in my shoes would mock you and point and laugh, but hear at exact change we realize that will get you nowhere except being a music geek with no friends to share it with.  I encourage you all to start listening now, because as a friend once told me, LCD could be the Talking Heads of the blog generation (too soon to tell?).  Influential beyond comprehension to majority of the music I talk about on here and amazingly catchy dance tunes.  Visit the making time is rad site and get your tickets ASAP.  You can also get them at the Last Drop Coffee Shop.  You should follow these people on twitter to keep updated: David Pianka & Making Time is Rad as well as read Phrequency cause they are one of the few sources of good music knowledge in the city.  So to recap, that Friday I will be dancin myslf clean and I will wake up uber early and go check out a ishload of free music in Baltimore here.  Again you are welcome for bringing you the funk.

Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez called....

...and he wants his shoes back.  I can't believe I've only been doing this a few months and I've already managed to sneak two Sandlot references in.  Effing love that flick.  Anywho, it is rare that anyone comes up to me and says "Hey, you have fantastic style/taste in clothes, etc", in fact it's more like "You're going out like that?" or "You can't wear flip flops with a suit...".  So I reach out to others in the know when it comes to such things, so today I direct you to Uristocrat.  And while sneakers aren't high on my list of style items, these fucking shoes will be in my collection STAT.  If I am to believe the folklore, they'll make me run faster and jump higher than any of my friends.  So when you see a bolt of lightning followed by a gust of wind and swirling newspapers that's just me strolling around the city.  NO BIG DEAL.   Thanks guys.

Holy Fuck!

I'm going to need someone to come clean up this mess I just made in my pants after reading the lineup for Virgin Free Fest at Merriweather Post Pavilion on 9/25.  LCD, Neon Indian, MIA (i'll still watch a car crash), Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Die Antwoord, Edward Sharpe and more.  Did I mention it's free?!!  WTF are these guys doing different then pitchfork and Lolla?  I'd feel raped if I just got back from what was a decent line up at the pitchfork fest this past weekend only to hear I could go see all those bands for free in the fall when it'll be gorgeous out.  SUCKERS!

Lineup & Info:  Virgin Mobile Free Fest
Tickets:  Ticketfly


5 Radtastic Videos

Seeing as how there is a rediculous flood happening outside right now, what better way to waste time then to watch music videos.  Enjoy that while I kayak down 95 back to the city!

Flying Lotus, who kicks the asses of all blips and noises that get in his way, has released the first video for MmmHmm off his new Cosmogramma album. (via okayplayer)

The brains behind the beats/production from TV on the Radio Dave Sitek has a solo album under the name Maximum Balloon coming out in late August with guest spots galore (see pitchfork stuffs).  Here is a video for the first single off that album.

The Music Slut (why couldn't I come up with a clever blog name like that?) threw up a video of We Are Scientists who performed live for NME.  So jealous of that site name. Srsly.

Another of my enjoyments du jour is Maps & Atlases, who are coming to Philly on 8/14 at Kung Fu Necktie (See you bitches there!).  They worked with Yours Tru.ly and a high school marching band to bring you this stupendous display:

Yourstru.ly Presents: Maps & Atlases from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

And finally, here is one that is freaking all over the intertubes today, Kid Cudi/Best Coast/Rostam from Vampire Weekend sold out to Converse and release a song called "All Summer".  They wear these silly big heads in the video, its like they are playing with Wii in real life.  Its good, and I kid about the selling out part.  Anytime i've been offered money for anything, I've done it without thinking.  I have no on switch on my morals. (Again thanks to Pitchfork)

Why Aren't You Listening to This!!

First things first, I want to say thank you to everyone who wrote me while I was away on vacation.  The exact change inbox was full of emails worried about when I'd be back and would the music industry collapse while I was away, but most of all full of emails about how I can make my junk 3" bigger in just a few weeks or lottery opportunities in third world countries where I was the potential recipient of a small fortune.  Just want to personally say how thoughtful it is of you guys to be thinking about my financial gains and unrelated short comings (insert rimshot).

But, uh, back to the lecture at hand.  Perfection is perfected, so I'm 'a let 'em understand.  From a young G's perspective (there I go again).  I want to put this new act that we've discussed on here before back in front of your face.  Persistence breaks all barriers I'm told, so here we go.

Teen Daze is a Canadian by way of Vancouver group has been dubbed by some outfits as the chillest band alive!  Here is their myspace page (other than music geeks, does ANYONE use myspace?).  It is more of that bliss sounding music that I am pushing and pushing upon the 10's of readers I have.  They are set to release their first album via Arcade Sound Ltd.on 7/27, which also has Memoryhouse and Millionyoung under its wings (wOOt).  Ambient synths galore!!  Don't believe me about these up and comers?  I got 40 (more like 3) nations ready to roll son:

TD Cali Tour (via xlr8r)
TD remix of Local Natives track "Wide Eyes" (via Stereogum)
Review of "Four More Years" (via This Music Wins)

Unofficial (I honestly have no idea if its legit or not) video for "Shine on, You Crazy White Cap":


Listen, I like MIA as much as the next person.  My obsession with all things Diplo is well publicized.  But this new album is hurting my ears and I believe that is the consensus.  Pitchfork (who run the indieverse) gave her new album a 4.4, diplo may/may not have criticized the tracks not made by him (to which I say people in glass houses....), and it seems as though the public is tiring of her antics.  She gave out the number of a writer of a unflattering NY Times article, her Hard Fest in LA was cancelled due to security concerns (see: ticket sales), and she's doing wacky stuff like this on Letterman:

I hope she gets through all this nonsense and start just making the good music that got her to this point.  I'd like to think she's got the capacity to make bigger and better music and not have her peak with a clash-sampled song on a trailer for an Apatow movie.  Godspeed lil' doodle!


Have a Happy 4th

I have left America on her birthday and I'm sick about it.  Will be in Punta Cana until Tuesday.  Coming back full force after that, I can feel how excited you all are for my return.  Until I get back, some Hogan to hold you over.  Cause he's the real american:


Weekend Music

Pieces of the People We LoveEchoesStatic On The Wire
Quick recap of a concert I went to on Friday at Voyuer "Making Time".  Always love these parties and was pissed I missed Neon Indian earlier this year.  Holy Ghost! opened up and I was interested to see them play as a band, as I was only familiar with their remix work of Phoenix and the like.  They did not disappoint and kept the crowd riled up for the main act.  The Rapture killed it, per usual, and it was a sweaty sweaty dance fest that had more cowbell involved than I know what to do with.  You could have rung out my shirt when I left there.  Caught up with some good friends, saw some awesome music, and cut a rug.  All in all a bueno Friday night.  Check out phrequency's review/photos of the show for a pro's take.  It's amateur hour here at the exact change offices.