Side Projects

I should be slapped for not discussing this before, but Trent Reznor has a side project with his other half called How to Destroy Angels and here is the video for their first track "A Drowning" & a link to the mp3:

How to Destroy Angels - A Drowning

Dear Science
Two of the members of TV on the Radio, exact change approved band, have written the score for a NY education system documentary.  Not thrilling material, but at least it gives me something else to listen to other than Rain Machine until another TVOTR album is in my life (via Pitchfork):
TVOTR score "The Lottery"

Random News & Videos Du Jour

Is Fabric closing? One of London's biggest clubs, if not the biggest, has a shaky future per Juno:
Fabric on the verge of administration?

As mentioned here last week, Adult Swim is putting out a single a week for the next 7 weeks (8 tracks total) and this week is an act near and dear, Madvillian.  I take the leg work out of finding this stuff, so enjoy:
Adult Swim Singles Program: Madvillain - Papermill

New videos after the jump, can you stand the anticipation?!?!?!

New Noise for Your Ears

 Here is some more from Ariel Pink.  I have to admit when I act a fool on here and let you know that I thought this was a newer act.  However some thorough research from the crack staff here at exact change found out that he may be partially responsible in influencing all the lo-fi, bliss music I've grown to love in the past year (Neon Indian, washed out, Beach House, etc.).  This is a random ass mixtape Ariel put together for FACT from Gorilla vs. Bear & yours truly:

 Temple of the Dog
 From Pitchfork we get this gem.  While i'm not sold on this new Band of Horses album, the guys voice is unmistakable and Eddie and Co. brought him on stage to sing Hunger Strike from Temple of the Dog the other night, check it out:


Stream the new Ratatat album via npr/PMA:
Stream Ratatat - LP4

Javelin, my latest favorite sample surgeons, have remixed a track off of the new HEALTH album from PMA:

Major Lazer & La Roux

What do you get when you mix Diplo, Switch & La Roux?
Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers DoLa Roux

See below the cut


Wish I Was a Fly On The Wall...

I know you all have missed me dearly, I can tell by all the comments asking about my return and #iheartexactchange taking #lostfinale off the top of the trend list.  You guys are just too good to me.  Seriously, give me some feedback people.  Enough bitching, on to the day's events:
 How I Got Over
Go ahead and read the names of people who are collaborating on the new Roots LP, How I Got Over, and tell me you aren't saying to yourself "WTF! When did these guys even meet, let alone share enough interests to work together."  But that is what the roots have been doing for years and have always been ahead of the curve.  Love it and love them.  Here is a link from Pitchfork to check out the remake of the Monsters of Folk jam "My God" with all of the Folk Monsters on board.  Last week, Questlove tweeted about working with Dirty Projectors, but i thought it was a side project.  I've been wrong once before, never again.

The Roots and Monsters of Folk - My God 2.0


New Arcade Fire 12"

Check out their website for a sample:
Arcade Fire Website

Here's the better of the two tracks:
Arcade Fire - Suburbs

Daytrotter and Twin Sister

Twin Sister - "Something About Us (Daft Punk)" from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

Last for the day but certainly not least we have a new Daytrotter session with Twin Sister.  They won me over with their rooftop rendition of Daft Punk "Something About Us" in the clip above and these recordings don't do anything to dissuade me.  If you are unfamiliar with Daytrotter, its an outfit out of Illinois that has bands come to their unique recording studio in between concerts to make some music magic.  As they put it, and I agree, there are a million blogs that act like they'll point you to something first, but the real trick is ACTUALLY bringing you something new and different, not just acting like you were there from the beginning.  They've had acts from Neon Indian, Dr. Dog, The National, Dinosaur Jr, The Hold Steady, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Vampire Weekend among others.  All their sessions are downloadable and they also have a uber sweet iphone app that does everything that the site does.  Links are below:
Twin Sister session
About Daytrotter
gorillavsbear link

Just a few more

When it rains it pours, so here are some more things I like so it is generally assumed that at least one other person will like them:

!!! (Chik Chik Chik in english??) will be releasing a new album on Warp in August, listen to some of it over at Pitchfork
!!! - AM/FM

Blissfully stupendous girl group from yesteryear.  Resurrected for you enjoyment with choice tracks to listen to via gorillavsbear:

Missing the Boat

The ArchAndroid 
Janelle Monae's - The ArchAndroid is the shit.  If you haven't listened to this album yet, then I cannot change the past (even though my delorean says otherwise).  But you SHOULD get on this right away, because its the way hip-hop/r&b albums should be made.  As eclectic as Andre 3000 and with a rocking set of pipes, this album will do wonders for your synapses.  Enjoy!

Don't believe me?  Screw you, ask Pitchfork

if you listen to Actual Records

Let us take a moment to discuss DJ Ruxbin and his crew for the great work they do week in and week out.  Tonight there is a party at the Fire.  They are selling/promoting noncanon's & lillie ruth bussey's new 7" release.  You should be there because:
1.  It'll be rad times had by all.
2.  It's better than anything you had previously planned.

Original Link
Actual Records

It's new to me, and possibly you

Exact Change is of the mindset that the now god-awful NBC's had of "if i haven't heard it, then its new to me".  Here are some new things I think it would behoove (thank you word of the day calendar) you to check out:

In Case We Die

From The Mahogany Blog via Hype Machine:

Jay Z mashed up with Architecture in Helsinki -  99 Hearts
Hype Link
Original Link & Download
Late Night Operation (feat. Theophilus London)
Theophilus London feat. Vampire Weekend - Give it Up Dad
Up From Below
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros goodness:
From i hope your ears bleed (that's not very nice, is it?)
This Is Happening
LCD Soundsystem bonus track only on iTunes ('member when Mac was askin us about big brother???)
One other note, do all of Murphy's songs need to be at least 8 minutes long before they make an album, jeez.


More Local Love

Been playing catch up since I didn't post anything over the weekend.  This is my friend Jesse's band, innerpartysystem, remixed by Starkey.  Posted by RCRD LBL.  They are coming off fairly huge success on their last album, big tour, Lollapalooza, i think I've even heard them on Madden and on ESPN.  Props!  I've seen em live and they are without a doubt the real deal.  If you haven't heard of them before, get on it people, what the fuck are you waiting for?

American Trash [Explicit]

Oh Glorious Day!

Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, aka AFX, aka Polygon Window, aka...alright you get the point, has been DJing in London and has been playing new material.

Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Check out the link over at Pitchfork

My Morning Jacket Tour


Props to Jersey Dan for tweeting this link to MMJ's summer tour schedule.  I am a sad panda because I will not be around to enjoy their awesomeness in late August.  Who's thinking road trip?

Tour Schedule

Chiddy Bang freestyle for Jay Z

Chiddy Bang - Translation Freestyle from Kibber Films/Jackpot in the West on Vimeo.

What starts as rapping over Grizzly Bear turns to gold ASAP.  You are welcome.

Information Overload

This should keep you bastards busy for a little.  Bunch of new stuff I was tuned onto the past couple days.  So when you read this, imagine me with my nerd glasses on perusing the interwebs over my lunch break for new stuff to talk about.  Cause that's exactly how it goes down:


I approve this message...

Good Friend Montone's latest rock mix, spins weekly at both the Public and Field House.
Myspace: DJ montONE
(who still uses myspace?)
Facebook: montONE

zSHARE - Mont Washed Out pt 1.mp3

Tame Impala = Bueno

Love these guys.  Don't ask questions, just listen.

Thank you gorillavsbear:
Stream Innerspeaker

Pitchfork: Solitude is Bliss
Myspace Page: Tame Impala

New GANG video

I had the honor/privilege of going to HS with these ladies, Tough-Actin Methacton what.  They've opened up for Peaches just last year and are prepped to take off.  Here is there video and some links to check out more of their stuff.  Keep it comin.

Their Website: GANG
Another opinion (mine's suspect at best): phrequency review
Free download of EP: Electronic EP

Not for Parrotheads

Not sure why I didn't include this that barrage of new stuff that came out this week.  But I saw this duo over at the Starlight Ballroom and was thoroughly feeling the sound that they had.  As my buddy put it, this album is much cleaner than the live stuff, but the album is still A-OK.  This is an album that I am definitely coming around, kudos to the Tuckers for pointing me in the right direction.

Stream the album here (via PMA): Streaming Treats
Review (via Pitchfork): Sleigh Bells - Treats
Free Single (via PMA): Sleigh Bells - Tell Em


Diplo hinted at a Major Lazer and la roux remix today.  Not sure if i care yet, but I'm totally jealous of that lazer arm and will take every opportunity to display it here.  And is that Mickey Rourke I see??

via - Diplo - Twitpic


Latest Reviews

So I am going to try weekly to compile new album reviews of new stuff I am digging on.  I use all sorts of resources to find new music, but for these posts I will point you loyal folk to metacritic for reviews of the albums.  It is like Rotten Tomatoes on steroids for all media, where they compile reviews in one spot.  Genius!  Let the nonsense begin:

For the ladies....

We here at exact change are equal opportunist and welcome all varieties of music, to a certain point.  I can't not post this cause this girls got a great voice.  But fuck Lady GaGa!  Mark exact change's words, she will ruin all that is good about Lollapalooza.  Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here is this newer artist Lissie's cover of BlahBlah's "Bad Romance":

Lissie - Bad Romance (Lady GaGa cover)


I got wrapped up in creating a logo last night (Read: watching the Flyers win, Crosby lose), so I was not able to post anything.  Here I am acting like I'm reaching people, laughable.  Regardless here are a smorgasbord of newness you should check out:


Quick Hits

Had to get that damned picture off the top of the page.  People will start talking about me for things other than how rad I am.  Can't have that:

MIA album gets named and release is pushed to July (via PMA)
MIA - Maya

New "We Are Scientist" track from RCRD LBL.  I have always wondered why these guys aren't bigger.  They are as poppy and catchy as it gets.  Never hear about em though:
 We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti live at Viva Radio

This one will not please everyone, and guess what...I could care less.  Start your own blog!  I am totally digging this band, they sound like something you'd hear in the 70's on AM radio.  All I hear is Alan Parsons Project "Eye in the Sky".  Great tune and from what I've heard of the album, could be a sleeper album this year.  Was completely thrown off by the illustration attached to this "Round & Round" track.
What dude aggressively makes out with a fox/dog like that?  And what does that have to do with this song?  Are you trying to scare the anti-beastiality people, i.e. EVERYONE, away from listening?  Other than that, check out this video of the band at VivaRadioOnline - You Tube Channel:

Jamaica's New In-Flight movie

Having seen Major Lazer twice, I am certainly glad that they've given us an instructional video on how to dry hump...I mean dagger.  Personal fave is the guy who uses a girls ankles as if they were a steering wheel to some sexy plane.  Thanks to FADERTV for the you tube clip:


What's Happening?

Anyone else miss that show?  Dwayne, Raj, Rerun, Dee....  Man I still sit in my chair backwards after taking my coolness cues from that show.

This Is Happening (Amazon MP3 Exclusive)
So this new album has pretty much dominated my life for several weeks now.  'Drunk Girls' did nothing for me as a first sneak peak of this thing, but this album is amazing!  To fully appreciate, you need to listen to the whole thing.  'Dance Yrself Clean' is top billing right now, but 'Home' & 'You Wanted a Hit' are making moves.  Stream the album HERE.  Remixes after the jump...

This is like work...

Good lord it's taking a lot to figure out how to do all this nonsense.  Post this, tag that, HTML blah blah blah.  More to the point, at the request of a friend here's a link to a music video for the band Local Native's from PMA's website for the song "World News":

Local Native's - World News

Secondly, I've been pushing Neon Indian pretty hard amongst friends to some avail.  You can't win em all, but it's America so to each their own.  Frontman Alan Polomo got the chance to interview Peter Gabriel for Stereogum and I thought it was cool to see how big a fan Gabriel is of Polomo's album.  Check it out:

Psychic Chasms
Exposure: Peter Gabriel/Neon Indian

PMA Goodness

Since I'm trying to get this thing off the ground proper, giving you samples of sources I grab from.  I was shown Pretty Much Amazing's site last year, and it has been my go to behind Gorilla vs. Bear and Pitchfork for a wide variety of new music.  Check out three new things that were posted recently that I really like after the jump:

Mad Decent for a Monday

As you may or may not know, DJ Sega and select others have been spinning at Fluid Monday nights for the better part of 2 months under the title "Mad Decent Mondays".  We, and by we I mean myself, here at exact CHANGE are big fans of majority of the stuff that comes off this label and will try and bring you a smattering of new stuff once a week from their site.  Below is our first, perhaps failed, attempt:

1. Diplo vs. Tiesto "C'mon"
2. Free Download of High Contrast remix of MIA's "Born Free"
3. New Rusko "O.M.G." album out now !