Support Good Music

This Thursday, my friend over at Actual Records is throwing a farewell party for Noncanon & Lillie Ruth Bussie over at Slingluff Gallery at the end of Girard (11 W. Girard).  What I love about this stuff is how simple and stripped down it is.  I'll get down with any music that fits my current mood which is all over the place in an Age of ADD.  Here is a link to a man who puts it in much better words than I do: Aaron Ruxbin.

Here are two tracks that really caught my earballs:

Starts with a little salsa ditty, into a fast O'er the Rainbow type tune, which the stop midway through to get the timing right.  It works out great and its cool to hear em find their timing.  Ends back with some salsa.  Bueno.

This next one is a song that swings back and forth on a acoustic pendulum, great build ups, which I was definitely feeling.  The lead singer reminds me of that newly signed singer/songwriter Lissie.  Check it out:

Here is their entire set live at the same venue you can see them for zero dollars this Thursday.  So come check out good music and art because its definitely better then whatever you haven't got planned.