The Neverending Bender (Part 2)

Its totally like that movie where I ride a mythical creature in the sky to my next destination.  Which happened to be the Mad Decent Block Party.  Missed last years for reasons unknown, but remembered how much fun I had two years ago and everything was just fallin into place.  My obsession with Diplo and all things MD are well documented and I push it on my friends AA 24/7.  I have a large puerto rican friend I chum around with who has also caught the fever and has been busy getting his business off the ground.  As the gods would have it, he magically had the day off.  I mentioned nothing of the fantasticness and ludacity (I'm starting my own dictionary) that would take place only that we were going to a block party on 12th and Spring Garden.  Here is what we were in store for:
Picked up all the booze and drugs a couple of fellas could handle, gripped my awesomely talented friend Ron Samuels and his roommate and made our way over.  So we arrive at somewhere around 3:30 and this place is a mobscene already.  Met up with my awesome world traveler friend Ms. Hanes:
Its great to see how much my buddy stood out in the crowd of what can only be described as the center of the Philadelphia hipster universe.  Look for the fool in the Jeff Cap, pic courtesy of KrausPhade at uristocrat:
It's like Where's Waldo but with a 6'-5" rican!

So lets get to the actual day huh?  Got there just as Meluca came on and she was eating the crowd alive, I think at one point she was gnawling on a fist. She brought out this cat I never heard of named Gilbere Forte who was impressive.

 The next act of interest for me was Bosco Delrey who opened strong with some killer shit then lost me once he slung his guitar on.  Really gonna follow where this guy goes cause he's got talent for sure.  My newly made friend DJ Sega, in my opinion was the fucking highlight of the day (debatable cause Diplo killed it too, but he has a built in rad set and there was no way he was gonna be upstaged).  No one was expecting DJ Sega and when they tried to kick him off stage, I instantly started a "SEGA" chant.  I wish nothing but big thing for him. Fader threw up this sick track he did on their site the other day:

Caspa, “Marmite (DJ Sega’s Philly Club RMX)”

 Side note, that dude did two of the coolest things.
1.  Smoked the biggest blunt of the day while spinning.  I dare you to prove this otherwise.
2.  Had a Sonic the Hedgehog hat and gloves.  Take that shit Deadmau5.  Mau5head my ass!

Popo played their asses off as well as a bunch of other DJ's and was capped off with as mentioned earlier a ludicrous set from Diplo and then taken 180 degrees into the band Death Set who punk rocked the crowds faces off.  I could go on some more, but I'm lazy and the Making Time Radio playlist I was listening to is over.  These are some of the pics that I took:

Here are some awesome other sites of people much more qualified than myself, that you need to check out to fully appreciate how much craziness was involved:

We left the block party, took the party back to my house, then headed back out to Hipster Village where we bounced around from El Bar, to M Room and split up from there.  Some went to the warehouse party that was going down, others went and saw Diplo spin again at the Barbary.  It was here I came across the best fucking letter ever.  My buddy Lucas was telling me about it earlier in the day that Broadzilla DJ's put an open letter to Diplo saying they are taking applications to become a part of their DJ faction.  With hilarious results.  My favorite part is where a requirement is a love of 2 many dj's.  This was being handed out everywhere and I found this taped outside M Room:

I leave you with this video I took of a kid who had way more fun than anyone there, and I wish I could keep tabs on where this kid's life leads cause he is a badass motha fucker.  

I'm out.  Who wants to do it again this Saturday in NY?  Part 3 of the Neverending Bender takes us to Fairmount Park where a band named after kitchen utensils and another with high expectations for a new release try their damnedest to top this!  Stay tuned...

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