Nothing Like A Week Long Bender (Part 1)

I decided when I started writing this that I would make a conscious effort to go see a lot more music than I normally do.  Fucking little did I know what I was getting into.  Let me take your ass on a sweet lil journey with many twist and turns detailing the nonsense I got into over the past week:

First off, I want to thank everyone again who made it out to support Actual Records, Shane Sixten, & DJ Sega for his mixtape release.  I'm telling you every single person I play this CD for is blown away.  This shit is the fucking truth and if you don't bob your head or shake your ass then you must not have a pulse.  NON STOP FUCKING BANGERS!  I have no choice but to continue to promote the shit out of this guy until you all know the name SEGA@!@!  Medusa was wild, made some awesome new foto friends in Teresa over at tresmack and Mario of fame lust, exposed my coworkers from my big boy job to the debauchery that I get into off hours.  Still deciding if that last one was a good idea or not.  Thought about attending snacks after the party shut down, but seeing as how I needed to be at work in Bensalem by 7:00 the guy on my right shoulder prevailed.

Moving on to Friday, which drug on like a son of a bitch.  Left work as soon as legally is allowed to still be considered a "day of work" and got right back on the horse.  Put on the flops and headed down to the Great Plaza to see the Black Keys.  Which by the way is so much better than that parking lot with a stage they call Festival Pier.  Only issue I have is that if you aren't on the stairs and more in the concourse, good luck seeing the stage.  Had to make some serious moves to get a good view and my buddy Sanchez who is 5 foot nothing in lifts had NO SHOT.  Have seen them a couple of times now, and they are always good, so my bigger goal was to see the opener Morning Benders.  Guess what, they cancelled or didnt play or who gives a fuck, they weren't there.  Sweet consolation prize though, Kurt Vile.  A little slow for my taste but they held the crowds attention.  Back to the point, Black Keys just bring it.  So much sound from just two dudes.  

A lil festivus miracle took place as soon as their set ended and fireworks started on the other side of the river much to my chagrin.  Who knows what they were celebrating in Camden but huzzah for the effort. 

From here my night takes a left turn and I end up at Club Risque, at the request of a lady, with a handful of ones and less self respect.  I have zero self control in these places.  I beg of you, keep me clear of the nudez.  Here is they're playlist from that night cause I am lazy and didn't write down (read: drunk & such) what they played:

10 am automatic
girl is on my mind
the breaks
stack shot billy (bad ass guitar intro)
everywhere i go
strange times
same old thing
everlasting light
next girl
chop and change
howlin' for you
tighten up
she's long gone
ten cent pistol (bad ass drum intro)
no trust
i got mine
too afraid to love you
sinister kid
til i get my way

Next part 2 at the biggest & baddest block party of the year: MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY

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